SF IV and MK vs DC Arizona Tournament

Big City Tourneys Fight Club

Street Fighter IV
Mortal Kombat VS DC

May 2, 2009
Sign in starts at 12 pm

Fighting will start at 12:30 PM

Baseline Sports Bar
201 E Baseline Rd Tempe, AZ

Entry Fee:
$10 for each game (optional to play both)
There is no Door Fee or Visitors Fee for this Event

60% for 1st and 30% for 2nd 10% will be for venue cost

Big City Tourneys has brought you Madden Tourneys to the Valley and is now having its first Tourney for all the Fighters out there. These games will be played on Xbox 360, but if there is a high demand for PS3 this might be arranged. If you are a PS3 gamer then post on this thread or send me an email and I will arrange for this happen!

The tournament will be double elimination and there will also be a console open for money games.
The double elimination will be best 2 out of 3 rounds for prelimenary rounds and best 3 out of 5 rounds for final rounds.
All charachters will be unlocked and can be used for Street Fighter.

If you are under 21 you can still attend and play in the tourney. As long as underage players are not ordering alcoholic beverages they are able to come. We are open to every gamer out there!

The titles available for the money games are:

MK vs DC
Fight Night Round 3

If you have any request let me know and if we have a few gamers that are up for the challenge I will make it happen*

Baseline Sports bar is offering 10% off all Food And Beverages so come hungry and thirsty!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Robert@bigcitytourney.com.

Also check out our Website for upcoming Tourneys in your Area



For all of you Gamers out there we will be hosting a Madden Tournament at the same Location April 18. Ask me for details.

Stay tuned for COD 4, COD 5 and Halo 3 Tourneys coming in May.

Robert i may stop by.

This is Andrew

Cool man. Ill have to check out your skills on Street Fighter!

I dont really play sf4.So im not that good.

But if you wanna run an mvc2 tourney thats another story.I can get a good turn out for that too.

where does the other 25% of the winnings go? I’ll be honest if I play, and take 2nd place and I only get 15% of the pot that’s not even worth it. 60/30/10 would be way better. Especially with a 15 dollar buy in.

oh and good luck doing sign-ups at 12 and starting the tournie at 12:30.

I will be there in support of the scene, and will try to take first just to make it interesting


what’s the rules?

are you banning characters? (you shouldn’t IMO)
what will the rounds be set to to? (best of 3 IMO)
will it be best of 3 matches?
double elimination?

If you big city boys want to start doing street fighter tournaments, you really need to get someone that’s involved in the scene to aid you. I understand that your Madden tournaments are huge, but the way these tournaments are ran and the way Madden is ran is two different worlds.

hehe your right about that last part , Madden is much harder to run then Streetfighter :slight_smile:
thanks for the input , you guys are what make us better :slight_smile:

You still didn’t answer any of my questions.

I will run your Street Fighter tournament for you for free, just so that it goes good. I’m not being a dick, but I don’t want to see this become a scrub tournament.

I will also still pay my entry, play the game, and run the shit right.

Hey man sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Give me a call or a text and well go over some stuff man. Thanks for all your feedback. 480 208 4747 or email me whichever you prefer. Robert@bigcitytourney.com.

sounds interesting i might show up, i want to see some SF4

good shit on the update.

everybody better come out to this!

also money matches in street fighter iv anybody ;)?

Ill probably loose horribly but ill play a few money rounds haha.

first to 5 wins for 20 dollars?

I’ll be working with Robert to show how to run these tourneys.He is fairly new at it so im showing him the ropes.So any questions you can just ask me or just complain the day of the event.

Fuck yer couches

hey buddy I gave him all the rules!!! :arazz::arazz::arazz::arazz::arazz:

hahaha just kidding. at least another experienced fighting game player will also be helping!!

Yeah thanks for your help guys! Just want to run some fun SF tourneys in AZ.

Hey Andrew if you want to bring your system and run MvC2 on the side that would be cool too.
There is plenty of room to run that. Let me know man.

Yeah thanks for your help guys! Just want to run some fun SF tourneys in AZ.

Hey Andrew if you want to bring your system and run MvC2 on the side that would be cool too.
There is plenty of room to run that. Let me know man.

i’m going. please do ps3- street figher 4! i’ll bring a console if you guys need.

You’re welcome to bring yor ps3. Ill take a few games but I’m not sure how many dudes are playing on ps3 so for right now its on xbox.

If we get more ppl interested ill take my ps3 too… but ill take soul caliber and mk vs dc for ps3 if you want DookeeMonster

Hey everyone I didn’t really make this clear and ill edit this on top too… it is a sports bar but you don’t have to be 21 to go in. As long as you’re not ordering beers if you’re under age you can get in and stay no problem.

If there are any more questions let me know. Thanks guys!

i talked to him a bit about rules and such.I mean he is pretty open to rules.And i mean most games,the rules never change.So how every you guys want it run should be fine.

As far as the entrance fee goes,im not too sure but i think some of it goes to the house.I mean it is at a bar.

I work with robert so if you guys cant get a hold of him just pm me