SF IV and MK vs DC Arizona Tournament

I hope everyone is ready for the Tourney. If you have any questions let me know.


Yeah if you could do ps3 that would be great please. i dont have a stick for 360 and i cant play for crap with a regular controller. thanks…

Hey, is this going to be on 360 or PS3? This is a must to know, as many players may not have the right kind of equipment to play. I have a TE stick for 360, so I’m in trouble if this is on PS3 :(.

as far as I know it’s on 360, I’ll bring my ps3 set up for ps3 people.

Yeah its mainly on 360 there were a couple guys that wanted to play it on ps3 and I can take my ps3 if they have enough to run a small tourney, but there will be 5 xboxs running for SFIV

goodluck to all who plays in this tourney!