SF IV GameStop results Round 1, 2, and 3


Ok so as you all know Round 1 started today. I hope you were all able to make it out to the closest GameStop near you to enter in the tournament. I made this thread so that people who advanced could let us all know and we could show them support and give props to them. So if you advanced or played in Round 1 please post up and talk about it your tourney went and what happend.

Results that I have so far from people i have talked to.


Tyram - Sacramento
Tharimrattler - Fairfield
Blk_Brotha - Vallejo
Pikie - Emeryville
LB - san mateo
Charlie - Union City
kev-inc - Oakland
TRU - Bakersfield
Crizzle - Fremont
moses14 - SF
Sadao - Dixon
Roman - Sunnyvale
Crackfiend wins at Eastridge San Jose
Choirboy Dave wins at the one next to Eastridge San Jose
LPN/Long wins at Story gamestop location San Jose
tpC_da_DESTROYR - Sacramento
Lionx - Hayward
ILLiterate - Redwood City
Jack/Steve - Davis
zeroschneider - Davis
sleazoid - Davis
Tanaka - Davis
Jason Nelson - NV
Chris Campbell - NV
Koogy - NV
D.Lewis - NV
Warren - NV
The Dark Evil - Sacramento
Impulsze - Elk Grove
Bradford! - San Jose
EXplus - Modesto
A_Rival - Santa Rosa
DarkSymphony - Santa Rosa
Scunsion - Santa Clara
KuroShin - Santa Clara


TRU - Bakersfield
Tanaka - Sacramento
James - Sacramento


please post up with your name and the city you played in. I will be updating this thread for both Rounds 2, and 3 so lets go!

my experience; About 12 people showed up to my local GameStop in Sacramento. There was about 2 players I was worried about but I was able to get past them and advance. The store gave out some pretty cool stuff during the tourney. They had Mountain Dew and some chips. As a prize to the winner I got a card that showed that I advanced to Round 2 and a yellow headband as well as two black SF IV wristbands. The store was even nice enough to give me a Street fighter the legend of Chun Li movie poster. Some cool stuff!!!

hope everyone else’s experience was fun as well.



fairfield giving norcal a run for it’s money.

good shit.


Dayum, we had no snacks or extra swag at my location in Emeryville.

And we had to play to see who got their choice of the headband and the wristbands.

Being the victor, I chose the headband. :bgrin:


congrats on the win!


Good shit to Jackson for winning Sloat Gamestop tourney, good going eliminating me in the first round:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

And now my gripes:

-No sticks, instead we get 360 dpads. Meanwhile Powell St Gamestop got sticks, what the fuck?
-Poorly managed brackets, when someone you’ve called TWICE doesn’t show up and misses his first round, you count that as a LOSS. If he shows up a half hour later with a sob story, YOU DON’T GIVE HIM A DIRECT SEED 3RD ROUND FOR DOING NOTHING BUT SHOWING UP LATE.

Also the brackets has some crazy holes in it, about more than half of the people who signed up didn’t show. I think at that point you just have to redo them, which wouldn’t have taken very long.

The positives:
-I got to wear my awesome Team SF shirt
-I was drunk


Won san mateo. Got both headband and wristband. Wheeeeeeeeeeee


Charlie - Union City

I got headband and wristbands but no card. About 16 people who entered. One person cried after he was eliminated. Best out of 5 rounds single elimination. Using the Dpad for the tourney was interesting. I had to figure out which triggers is HK and HP in the middle of my first match. There’s no button for PPP or KKK, so pulling an ultra is kinda hard.


I won round 1 in Oakland
I won a Chun-Li figurine and $20 giftcard for Dr.Comics&Mr.Games…and head and wrist bands.


Aj (Truaj) bakersfield,Ca
I also got a headband and wristband…they also gave me the huge bracket…
some dood flipped out cuz @ da last min they switch from ps3 to 360…i was a lil bummed 360 pad suxs but i came thru…GOOD job to all who qualifyed



Seems like better prizes everywhere except for where I went.

Whack. How many people showed up at Emeryville?


i was one of the winners at Stonestown Mall (SF) GS and didnt have to play for wrist bands headbands they gave us both next is Powell St!!!


In Emeryville, at the Gamestop on Bay street, I think 20+ signed up, but only 12-14 or so showed.

I think I played 3 matches to make the top 2, then me and Dem-Dem played the last just for lulz, and to see who got the yellow headband.


Ram did you go to Natomas GS?

To add to the list: Sadao (Ghostbuster) won in Dixon, and Roman won in Sunnyvale. More Fairfield cats.

LOL sounds like some GS employee got off with 1 headband and wristband pack, because everyone I talked to had 2 winners and both got a headband and wristbands.

Tournament overall was super random there were 38 sign ups, and 13 people signed up. So they had some people (me included) play for spots on the 8 man bracket they were doing (WTF). So I qualified, and won all my matches to advance. Then they run the other bracket to see that winner, and when they get to the finals some employee was like “Its gonna be 3/5 now since 1 set can be random. We need a real winner”.

Then at the end they made me play against the other bracket winner “for fun” (I pwned). 5 mins later I saw the other guy who advanced walking out of Panda Express wearing his yellow head band and wrist bands. I lol’d

It was fun overall.


Man…so like every gamestop pretty much had it own set of rules?


GJ ppl


nah I was at the GS on Folsom and 65th St.


Crackfiend wins at Eastridge

Choirboy Dave wins at the one next to Eastridge

LPN/Long wins at Story gamestop location

Note: All San Jose locations.


i got my yellow hand band and wrist band. i forfeit now


first post updated.

good shit guys! Go SRK!!!


Playing on a 360 gamepad is touture