SF IV Hard Drive installation

I’m mainly wondering just what is the advantage of doing this versus not. I don’t know if it’s the installation or the new Championship mode patch, but since I did both of them I’ve been getting this unsightly offline lag on the VS screen. I suspect it might be the HD installation that’s doing that, but I’d normally think that would make the game go faster.

[edit] It’s on 360, just to clarify

Faster loading times.

yeah if you don’t install, the game loading time during the versus screen is very long. thats pretty much it.

If it’s all supposed to be faster, then why am I getting a hideous graphical lag when the vs screen comes up? It’s like, sometimes the little “Boom” that sounds when “VS” shows up on the screen is either horribly delayed or completely out of sync with the animation. Also, the flames stop moving briefly, too.

hm… never experienced that, but im on the ps3. i imagine it could be your connection, are you on wireless? or maybe a faulty xbox.

Got it on xbox. Its installed on my hard drive and I’ve never had any problems, even the one you mentioned. Maybe try removing it from the hard drive and putting it back on.

I have a theory as to why this might be happening. I think it was because I installed it to my HD while the Championship mode was downloading. So an uninstall/reinstall might fix it. Gonna get on that right now. :slight_smile:

Also, this was playing offline. I’m nowhere near good enough to start playing online. My execution with a stick still needs work in some areas.

[edit] Wait, will deleting it from my hard drive get rid of my save file? I don’t want to have to do all that crap again.

As long as you only delete the game, you won’t lose your save. Just make sure you look and see what you’re deleting. There should be a 2+Gig file on your hard drive when you go under SF4.

Regardless, Championship Mode is NOT what is causing this. I’m on 360 too, have mine installed to drive, and was playing some matches with a friend Friday, and it did it to me too. I don’t have Championship Mode installed right now. This has never happened to me before (granted, I don’t have an internet connection at home, but we did have it hooked up to his network when we were playing over at his place), so I theorize that this happens on 360 perhaps in offline play when logged into Live. But I could be wrong.

Yeah. . . I have a 5.7 gig file that just says “Street Fighter IV” Xbox 360 game. I’m assuming that’s the one?

Without question. Unless you manage to have a 5.7GB game save on your hard drive, that would have to be it :wink:

Odd. . . I’m testing it out without the installation, and it’s still giving me the same crap. Could very well be an issue with xbox live, then.

There was a video on youtube that compares the load times of the installed or running on CD for both systems…It showed that matches load in 5 secs when you run it on cd but 20+ on HD…I dont know if thats true or his xbox is just hella full…

It can’t be that, no. It’s a 60GB, and 40 of those are free. Even moreso now that I uninstalled it.

I installed mine and i can tell when i play people online if they dont have theirs installed. VS hangs for a bit while theirs is loading, but when i go against someone who has it loaded its much faster.

No, no, no. :rolleyes:

It’s not the fact that the vs screen takes forever to load to the fight (which it doesn’t). It’s that there’s often a delay in the animation, a problem with syncing the sound and the “VS” graphic. It’s just a little annoyance.

have you made any changes to your setup other than installing it to the hd?
Are there any scratches on the actual disk?


I just checked the disc surface, and noticed a tiny, hairline, perfectly concentric scratch about 1/4 inch from the center hole. It doesn’t even look that deep, could easily be buffed out, and I could only make it out when right next to the light. Other than the VS screen, the game runs without a hitch. I did run into a couple of lag spikes online, but that’s network stuff.

The question I have is where did the scratch come from? If that would have come from agitating the box while the disc was spinning I’m pretty sure the scratches would be tons deeper and those particular sectors would barely be able to run.