SF IV Ken- Jab Shory, FADC, to Ultra...Possible?

Is it possible to use the jab shory and have the ultra still land? I’m having difficulty with the fierce shory because I keep canceling off the first hit. Also, Is it just me, or is Ken one of the harder characters to incorporate his ultra?

I can land Ryu’s perfectly but I’ve never been a Ryu player…

Hard Trial 1. Do it, love it.

Yes, you can do Ken’s Juggling Ultra. So no kicks (Unless it was a counter-hit). It’s a somewhat hard thing to do.

Ok thanx.

Ken is definitely one of the hardest in the game to land full ultra. Its not just AA srk to ultra like Ryu (how I wish). You’ll eventually get used to fierce SRK to ultra once you can time your focus cancel after the second hit. Lp srk is safest though. Also, if certain characters try to jump in and you AA with f.srk you can focus cancel to full ultra.

The full Ultra will only connect if your FADC’ed SRK counts as a Counter-hit. It’s not character dependent (AFAIK).

Counter-Hitting with a F. Shoryu-FADC-Ultra will get you full animation Ultra when hit. Counter-Hitting F.Shoryu will aslo get them off the ground without the full hits of the F.Shoryu.

I also think you need to work on comboing into Ken’s ultra besides FADC’ing.

For example, you can do a cross-up Roundhouse Air Tatsu to Ultra, which gives you full animation.

AA Strong Shoryu to Ultra is another good way, but hard to time since the AA Strong Shoryu needs to be close to the corner for it to work, and also the Strong Shoryu needs to hit when they hit the tip of his fist to get the Ultra in.

Another way I personally like to combo into Ken’s Ultra is to do Super into Ultra. This only works on the corner, but deals about 650-700 damage depending on what other moves you added in before the Super. When you activate the Super in the corner, right when Ken’s feet hit the ground, activate the ultra. If done right, during the Ultra activation animation, you’ll barely see the shoulders of the opponent, this will combo in the Ultra, but not the full animation Ultra.

I like this Super to Ultra combo because it’s flashy and it deals quite a lot of damage, but I also wastes bars if the Super is blocked, and you have to reserve your EX meter for quite some time to get this.

I would try to mess around in training mode, and try to find out a good way for you to combo into Ken’s Ultra, and then fit it into your play-style during matches.

Hope this helps a little.

Oh, sorry for the double post but, I just noticed that no one answered your question if jab shoryu FADC Ultra lands. laughs

Yes, Jab Shoryuken xx FADC > Ultra does connect the Ultra. :tup:

cough Second Post Cough


possible if its EX, but its pretty much a hail mary setup. Not hit confirmable.

If you’re positioned so you can knock them high enough into the air with the strong shoryu, then you should be able to ultra from anywhere on the screen. The 2nd part of the ultra is deceptively wide.

If you use the jab version of the super then you can do this from anywhere on the screen as well.


All setups other than srk>fadc>ultra are very situational…I probably hit 98% of my ultras after a srk>fadc. Aaaand…I honestly dont think I’ve ever once done jab srk>fadc>ultra. Ken’s jab srk is shit, theres not really a reason to use it.

Great advice! So i should use fierce shory for countering purposes.

Roundhouse air tatsu into ultra sounds likes a great way to ultra. I definitely have to try that when I get out of work.

Thanks everybody for the awesome advice.