SF IV Lingo


I’m new to this forum, and SF IV in general, but I enjoyed it when I played it with my brother, so i’ve been thinking of getting the new Super SF IV when it comes out. Ive been looking up a few combo vids for a few different of my favorite characters, but some of the language used in them i don’t understand, Ive compiled a small list of things said that I don’t know the meaning of.

FADC: I’m thinking the FA = Focus Attack, but don’t know what DC is
EX: No clue what this is at all
Footsies: Again no clue
Zoning: I assume this means the range on characters and the like, but I want some form of conformation rather then going on thinking it is what it isn’t
Link: My guess is a chain into another combo, but for the same reason as above, I want confirmation
Normal: Normal kicks and punches? same reason as above

Is there anything else I’m missing that may be confusing to a complete noob like myself?

I’m sorry for asking, because i know alot of this information is probably else-where on the internet, but the way I’m thinking of it is that if a list of terms and definitions is compiled here, it wont just be me thats being helped, but anyone else seeking the information. Providing me with this information would be of great help (sorry about all formal language and stuff, first post so i want to make it good:rofl:)


SRK GLossary of Fighting Game Lingo…read up.
It’s stickied in the Newbiew forum…hope it helps.


Focus Attack Dash Cancel - when you cut off a moves post-hit animation using a focus attack, then dash out of the focus attack, allowing you to do combos otherwise impossible. An example would be :hp:, Hadouken, FADC :hp: with seth. normaly you can’t link a :hp: after ahadouken, though if the second you do the hadouken you hit focus attack you will use up 2 super bars and go instalntly in to the focus animation. Then if you :r::r: or :l::l: you will dash out of the focus attack animation without performing a focus attack - giving you enough time to then follow up with another attack. I guess a common example of this would be with ryu, you can :r::d::df::hp: xx FADC :d::df::qcf::ppp: to shoryuken someone, then ultra them. the FADC will stop you leaving the ground after you hit your opponent, allowing you to ultra them on the way down.

EX means performing a move using 2 buttons so you use a bar of super, for example ryu’s ex hadouken would be where you do a hadouken but press 2 punch buttons at the end, it will use a bar of super and the hadouken will hit twice.

For an in-depth explanation on footsies, go here: http://sonichurricane.com/?cat=8&paged=2

Zoning is keeping another character at a specific distance, yeah.

Links are just normal combos where the moves don’t cancel in to each other, for example with seth standing :hk: gives you 5 frame advantage when you hit your opponent with it, meaning if you can do another move within 5 frames of this it will combo and hit your opponent, with there being nothing they can do about it - crouching :mp: has a 5 frame starup, so s.hk > c.mp is called a 1 frame link as you need to time the hit to 1/60th of a second for it to connect, if you hit c.mp too early after s.hk nothing happens, too late and the opponent will be able to block it.

Normals are your ‘normal’ attacks, yeah, so :hp: for example is a normal.

Hope this clears everything up.



Thanks alot guys, and in a few months, hope to see you in the fight, my PSN is Armageddon2099