SF IV PC slowdown

Well im haveing random slowdowns with the PC Version of SF IV and i dont know why
Even when i put all settings on low except Stage and Textures it gets random slowdowns. Usually its fine for 10-20 minutes and then it starts to slowdown. I tested it in singleplayer, versus mode and online so it cant be internet connection. Anyone an idea why i get such slowdowns?

My PC speccs:

E6600 @ 2x3 Ghz
8800 GT
EVGA 680sli mainboard
Windows 7 64 bit

PC starting to overheat?
Install SpeedFan (or something similar) and check.

I had an issue where there were random slowdowns no matter what I set the system settings to. Checking the temperatures suggested that no overheating was taking place.

A friend of mine brought up the possibility that it might be because of an inadequate power supply. I was using a 550 W power supply with an ATI 4870 and Core 2 Duo.

I tried using my brother’s 1000 W power supply and this did reduce the slowdowns substantially, but they still would occur. Finally, reformatting the OS from Vista 32 bit to 7 64 bit resolved this issue altogether, and I bought a 850 W supply so I could return the 1000 W to my brother. The resources that Vista eats up is pretty absurd.

Seeing as you already are using Windows 7, make sure your computer is not overheating as suggested by Narcowski and make sure you’re using an adequate power supply.

Harddrive full?

I have a good be quiet 600w power supply i think thats more then enough for my PC. Also my hard drive isnt fool 300+ GB Free space. Well i m gonna check the fan speed thing and look if it is overheating.

Any other games showing similar behaviour? Or only SFIV? When it slows down, is it permanently slow after that, or only for a short period?

Did you set it to fixed framerate instead of variable?

the power supply should not have anything to do with your slow downs… most people arent using half the power their psu can output. im running a core 2 quad q9550 and an ati 5850, the max my system will draw under load is ~400 watts.

what resolution are you running the game at? if you have a large monitor it could be too high a resolution to handle.

Only so far SF IV. I can run Warcraft III,HoN,Risen, Dragon Age Origins without problems. The slowdowns are for a short period then they stop and come fast back. Its not playable under that conditions. And my frame rate is ofc fixed.

Try changing the priority of the game to High or Very High in Task Manager while SF4 is loaded.

^^ this is one thing to try, there is also Process Lasso which can automate this for you.

While you’re mucking about in Task Manager, you might also want to see if any processes are “spiking” in CPU usage, which could definitely cause the issue you described.

If you can isolate which program it is, just close it down if it’s not necessary. If you can’t tell which program it is, start shutting down all the stuff running in your system tray, like IM software, Steam, BitTorrent client, Skype, anti-virus/spyware/adware/whatever, printer monitor, WeatherBug, Windows Sidebar/Gadgets, etc etc blah blah blah.

You’re probably right, my issue may have just been with Vista, or the fact that at the time I only had 2 gigs of ram.

My brother tried running the game on his laptop with a Nvidia 9800 GS and the same issue would occur to a much greater extent, but connecting to an external monitor remedied this a bit, which was what really lead me to believe that my issue was because of the power supply.