SF IV Poster


Hey folks, long time no post. Just finished this SF4 poster, and I thought you guys might like to check it out. :slight_smile:



tight man.


WooT that is awesome man!

You makin’ a Shadaloo poster next to make up for the mysterious lack of psycho power in there? :slight_smile:


Good stuff right there.


Very awesome man! Love your work!


Pretty awesome. Viper and Gouken especially turned out great.


Damn, def nice work. You got a nice style right there!


This is fresh off the stands man! Best thing has to be the Ken dragonpunch. Only thing that looks a little weird to me is human rocket Rufus, and it would be off the chain(!) if more things break the frame instead of just Abel’s hand.


awesome drawing. i love the big shadow on viper’s face and abel’s hand that is breaking the panel border. good stuff!


Thanks guys, glad you dig it.

DFist: Haha, yeah, one of my studiomates pointed out butt-rocket Rufus as well. I was amused with it though, so I decided not to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol that HP shoryuken is awesome :slight_smile:


wow, ron this belongs on my wall!


great work man!


nice poster!


very nice good work


Good stuff


Very cool. Nice work.


very nice A+


pretty cool