SF IV Producer: Capcom vs SNK3 can happen if many demand" KOFXII producer:"Hope so!"

Oh yeah, I can’t decide if I want to see CvS3 in SFIV style or KOF XII style??

What I do know is that we should create a ‘buzz’ about Capcom vs SNK 3

Nothing we don’t already know, really. Capcom would make a Captain Commando 2 if the demand were high enough. :rofl:

edit: Oh lord, it’s turned into a wishlist thread

this is interesting. Where can I go support this cause?

dude CVS3 with kofXII style graphics all the way, i would never want to see it how sf4 is

It would have to be SVC.

I couldn’t stomach a CVS with SF4’s style.

Haha, I’d market it as CVS though just because of the brand name and marketing power.

CvS3 + HD graphics like the new KoF = HEAVEN INCARNATE!?!?!

id rather see a kof vs sf.

If there is a CVS 3, it would have to be in 2.5d. No question about that. Casual wouldn’t want to wait for 5 years just so the game can have KOFXII style graphics. Not finacially sound at all. Both companies would lose money.

2.5d is the future of 2D fighting games. SFIV feels 2D, and this formula can be further refined. SNK probably would want to keep it 2D, but I assume that SNK would conform considering the potential amount of money and production cost making CVS 2D and HD.

I want this to happen, so bad.

I think 2.5d is cool they just need to get people to do better character models because the ones in sf4 look kinda wierd.

You’re joking, right?

2D all the way :pleased:

Also, Hibiki HD <3


Sure, there are other characters some might like, like the Samurai Shodown characters and the Rival School ones… but let’s be serious. KoF vs Street Fighter would be a better draw for Capcom and SNK. Especially after their respective releases.

KOF XII may not have sold as well before SF4 was released. Now that the fighting game genre is spiced up again, people are going to want this game bad.

After vets and newbies alike get their doses of KOF and SF after all these years, an announcement of KOF vs Street Fighter would be huge. Even amongst the new blood. It’s just marketing genius, but it not something I see happening till 2011.

Hell no, my life won’t be complete without Hibiki.

I don’t care how it looks as long as it happens.

I feel you man, just the 90s are done with. The current generation of gamers don’t know who Hibiki is.

Capcom is pretending SF3 didn’t exist and I’m doubtful that SNK if they ever did something like this would toss in characters they can’t sell.

After KOF XII, if it’s a success marketing SF vs KOF is just a no brainer yknow?

Yup, but as a consumer I was thinking in my interest only. :sad:

SNK throws in black sheep quit often like Duck King and some of the Buriki 1 cast in 11.

I was surprised Capcom put in Raiden in CVS2. Wasn’t the last game he was in FFS?

TvC style please.

What the hell do they mean by a “fussy” combat system?

So I guess Playmore is just going to screw over and ignore the hardcore fans who loved and supported XI in favor of “going back to the roots”, just like Capcom screwed over the hardcore fans who loved and supported 3rd Strike.

And in the end, KOFXII is just going to bore those fans with its regressive system the same way SF4 bores a lot of hardcore SF fans.

I agree with the SF vs KOF is best.

And make it KOFXI style, would be awesome fun for casuals and hardcore.