SF IV Regular Fight-stick Dead

Look up a guide on how to solder, or get someone to do it for you.

You could always snip the wires instead of desoldering them, then strip and solder them to the new PCB.

well my SE finally died and from my understanding after reading your post all you have to do is email them telling them you want to fix it yourself (cuz my SE is hella modded lol) , giv them the number on da bottom panel ( which seems to be the same # for any stick???.. for example i checked 3 TE’s and got the same 4 digit #), and give them an address to ship the pcbs to? sorry if this is a noob question but i just want some clarification on the procedure is all.

Honestly, if you’ve read through the soldering guides and all the stick wiring stuff on slagcoin and you still don’t get it, pay a local a modder to do it for you.

To remove them? I use a pair of scissors. You have to learn how to solder to reattach the wires again to power up the usb.

toshinu: Yeah basically, but don’t tell them you modded it obviously :stuck_out_tongue: say that you’ve called before and that they authorized you to open it to test it, and now you’re getting back to them. I’m pretty sure those numbers in the back are the same on all of them…but I dunno he asked me to provide w/e numbers i could find on sticks. Yeah but after that they should ask you for the mailing address if all goes well.

–Thanks guys, i’m going to snip and read on how to re-solder it onto the new pcb, ty!

paid someone like 10$ to solder the usb part to the new pcb, and now when i plug it in, the xbox sign is lit up, and nothing is responsive (all 4 lights are lit) :\ what happened? he did a stand up job T_T

Hey guys, I have a SE fightstick for the 360.
Does anyone know how to mod it so it will work for the PS3 ? I got rid of my 360 and got a PS3 now so I want to swap out all the parts so it would work for the PS3. Would Dual modding it be cheaper? Or should I buy all new parts, etc… If anyone would like to help me mod my SE so it would work with the PS3, I would be happy to pay you. PM ME and Let me know !

EDIT: I have a one year warranty at Eb games for my fightstick. You guys think I can try to switch the 360 SE for a PS3 one? hmm. I hope

i did the same thing to my se stick as ketchy and it still doesnt work?soldered the usb wires and still no power?

I’m just jumping in here to say that you should make sure that the usb cable is functioning properly with attention paid to the quick disconnect cable… it seems weird that if the board was properly soldered that it wouldn’t be getting power.

lol madcatz is a huge pile of crap, cant believe they still selling these thing for freakin $80, and whats more sad is after they release the 2nd batch, these problem still happen. looks like they need better electrical engineers.