SF IV Singles Tournament Mt. Sac 4/11 Get Hype & Get $$$ & Get Food & Get Girls~~~!

Hey everyone it’s Victheslik aka Purple Shit your’s truly <3. As promised the details have been finalized with the campus and the tournament is a go.

Where - Mt. San Antonio College / Mt. Sac
When - 4/11/09 April 11th, 2009 (Saturday)
Time - 1:00-9:00, Set up 12:00-10:00
What - SF 4 Console Singles Tournament X-Box 360 & PS3
Parking - FREE!!! (more details on the bottom)
Prize - $100 Guarenteed & this number will exponentially increase based on how many people show up (so the more people = the more $$$ for you :smiley: )
Sign Up Fee - $6
Now for more information regarding the parking, it’s absolutely free, you can park in the pay lot (free on the weekends) and there is plenty of space available for you on the Saturday.

For the tournament you will have to bring your own stick, for those of you who can bring their on consoles and let us use it at the tournament that would be lovely. We have a projected 5 TV’s and 5 Projectors at our disposal & we will determine which one works best.

Forgive me if I have forgotten to mention anything as this is my first tournament I am hosting. If I am missing some information please feel free to tell me what I am missing, or if there are any criticisms please make it constructive… & purple <3. Also for those of you who any questions or concerns or suggestions feel free to post or send me a private message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You & Don’t forget to get hype and purple :D! Get money get paid. SF4 yeahhhh~~~

Okay guys so here is some updated information -

So the tournament entry fee is going to be $6, the actualy entry fee will be $5 and there will be a $1 due to the fact that it is actually a fundraiser tournament. However there will be Costco Pizza and Boba Milk Tea for sale (at reasonable prices mind you) to also assist with the fundraising for the school / club. A certain someone also would like to remind you guys that our club is predominantly 80% asian girls and the club requires community service hours… So quite a few of them will be there helping out and everything.

I would also like the stress the fact that could you please show up on time Sign Up’s Will begin at 12 & I would like to start ideally at 1 or perhaps 1:30 if that has to happen.

Also for any of you who have console or sticks and would like to bring them please post so so I can have a count. You don’t have to worry I can put 1 girl to each console and 1 to each stick so your goods are safe…

Please if there are any more questions or concenrs feel free to ask : ) and if you make your text purple that would be even better!

<3 purple shit, gonna be hype. get monies get paid son

Free parking? I’m in!

vic tha mutha fuckin slik

Sliktimus prime.

Shoo you make me happy in the pants <3, Sancheezy Mo Squeezy So Queezy Mex Luthor <3 , going to update the information I can’t believe I forgot to post which building it is going to be in, the tournament will be in the Student Life Center 9C, the poster / flier is about to be finished and I will scan a copy on the thread, the fliers will also be seen at Video 94 and Aracde Infinty. Don’t forget to tell all your friends and everything. I will be advertising more as we speak.

tickle me slik.

im there vic. also im a bring crapes for you bro… also hope my best friend is there

i’ll believe it when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert

i gotta be there its like down the street haha

Shooooot, can’t make this one. BAH~!!!~!~!~!~!~!~!

i just realized

THE Legend Of Lore = THE LOL

I should be able to make it without any problems. Purple SHIIITTT!!


I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending this.

Just curious, which systems are going to be used?

Nice, i might go.

This 9th place scrub will be there to defend his 9th place title!!

heard it here first!!
… fuck my street fighter 4 career… X(

Count me in~

vic do u wanna post this to other website also?
hopefully i can go there before 2

i will bring the purple chair…