SF IV: The Champion of MK mod

Hi Guys. This is a preview of the next mod I’m working on. I still have a few issues to iron out. Lemme know what you guys think:


when u release this i will will download …man hes tight :woot:

Holy…That looks awesome and the fact that it fits Fei Long is PERFECT

Edit, I just looked at the picture again to admire it, and I realized fei long doesn’t have a fireball…

Are you planning on maybe giving him a tiger shot is what it looks like?

Looks awesome so far.

I’m curious to see the list of MK fighters you’re hoping to have in it by the time this is finished.

wow , fuckin awesome.

how the hell did you change the animation? so far i thought all people figured out so far was skinning and music.

id love to help if you want/need it. i can skin another mk char if you want. let me know

(btw i did a dhalsim -> ghandi skin thats in the skin thread if you want to see skill level)
pm or reply

I’ve downloaded your ghandi skin and its awesome. Sending you a pm now.