SF madcatz TE problem =/


so ever since i bought this stick, i’ve always had problems with playing online. It works fine when im playing local matches, but when im online, all my moves have a small millisecond of lag. so now all my timing is off and a little slower than it should. Is there a setting that im just not aware of? I play others online and their execution is flawless. I have no doubt that im doing it correctly also since i’ve been playing this game for over 6years… any idea anyone?:confused:


You only have the problem when you play online?

I think that solves the problem right there.


its online, theres lag. if you play offline you probably notice it more. make sure your router is configured properly.


Its online, horrible.

Offtopic: How’s the Metreon Arcade? It used to be good now, I know it isnt. Havent been in years.