SF n00b saying hello

Hey Guys, huge n00b here.

Looking for people to play, I suck so don’t add me if you’re looking for a veteran(well you can I just won’t be much of a challenge). Just trying to get better is all. Live on east coast.

Been playing casually since SF2, but I never really got the hang of it.

Trying to juggle learning Tatsonoko vs Capcom and SF 4 at the same time.

But anyhow just wanted to say hello.

PSN Id is in Signature.

Oh and one more thing…I promise not to drop like a goon when I’m losing. I consider losing part of learning.

As M.Bison would say, “DIE!” :karate:

You say that now…

Welcome to the SRK House of Pain.


Just kidding, welcome. Being a “noob” is only temporary, as long as you don’t keep making the same mistakes in matches. You will then be called stupid.

Add me to you list and we can get a game on

im also a “noob” if you will

and i would love to actually be able to get a attack off against somone instead of getting beat in a corner lol

psn: SouthernBoii

I’m not a noob at SF, but I’m also not a dick like most of the so-called “veterans” on this forum who will treat you like dirt while you’re learning.

I’ll have the patience to play with you and learn somethings myself in the process.

My PSN is MastaPopana and I’m on the East Coast if you wanna add me.

I’m on the west coast, but if you’re into it definitely free to add me. I’m no vet, but I know a few tricks that’ve won me way more matches than I’ve lost and I’d love to talk a little shop. I think my name’s in my sig but if not, my PSN’s DrumDemon666. Welcome to SF4, man!