SF name change


Do you think it is time for the names of the assassin, the boxer, and the dictator to revert back to their original Japanese name? Or is it too late for that.

Personally I think it is time for the change. I’ve been calling them by their original ever since I found out of the name change (I found out in 1998).

What are your thoughts?


the reason why boxer is called Balrog because the name Mike Bison is very similar to Mike Tyson. thats why they changed the names in the american versions… otherwise leave them how they are.


Of course I knew the reason behind the change.


I’m more curious to know whether Mike Tyson ever found out himself. I’m sure he must know by now…and he hasn’t done anything about it…

So…all this confusion was for nothing?


If he did and decide to sue, it would probably be unsuccessful because capcom can always argue it was a parody of Mike Tyson. Plus Mike has that face tattoo.


I thought you were talking about renaming the series by the topic name

and i think it would sound a whole lot cooler as “Fighting street”.


I always thought the terms “Dictator”, “Boxer”, and “Claw” sounded really stupid. We all live in America, so we all know about the name changes, and it’s not like Japanese players ever use those terms such that they’d be universal. Just brought on by some japanophiles who insisted on using the Japanese names.


japanophile…as in fear of japan? lol


No, that would be japanophobia. lol


It’s much easier to search for posts on SRK or match videos on YouTube by having a universal name like ‘Dictator’ instead of having people upload videos that say Vega and Bison.


naw japanophile, kinda like a pedophile


Lmao…this is what happens when you have insomnia


That’s part of the reason, but Capcom seems to love the name-change game:

Rockman = Megaman
Aulbath = Rikuo
Gallon = John Talbain
Bulleta = BB Hood

Just to name a few.

Actually, a lot of japanese companies love to do this:

Eggman = Robotnik
Miles = Tails

Meh I’m too bored to list anymore but you get the idea.
It’s actually more on the American divisions of these companies though.


Is Poison still a post-op tranny? If so then no, no name change.


Thats a good point.




the only one i thought was awkward was in Garou, Marco Rodriguez = Khushnood Butt, c’mon now…


Don’t count on it. Aside from the legal concern, Ono said in a (Japanese, I believe) interview that Capcom USA didn’t like the name Vega as the boss.

Personally, I agree with their decision. Vega’s a Spanish name which fits for Claw. Balrog being large, fear-inducing monsters in fantasy stories fits the idea of a Boxer in some ways (Big and intimidating). And M. Bison fits the mysterious dictator image.

People should let it go I swear I can’t see a single youtube vid with any of the above three without someone having to explain the name change in it.

EDIT: Nash -> Charlie also happened.



geico geico geico out oh


Isn’t Vega the name of a star…? Never heard it used on people, but then again I’m no expert on spanish names. Maybe the star was named after it’s finder then.