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I’m curious as to what you had to say. The guy sends me game invites quite often even though I don’t know the guy.

well…I got a xbox msg from elton chong telling me that prodigy has been making claims on various forums that he has the best guile on xbl and that, he:

butt raped marsgatti2009’s guile
raped my guile
beat narcissus ceaser guile
fifth n some bud is too scared to play him.
and that no UK HDR players can beat him

I dont know if this is true. There are some posts at the xbox forums from a guy making those claims but some ppl are saying its not SF Prodigy91 and that its somebody impersonating him.

Since I could NOT verify if all this was true I wanted to remove the thread.

I’ve played him a few times a while ago and he’s by no means the best Guile on xboxlive, at least in my opinion.

Of course he could have improved a lot lately.

he even claimed to have beat too13go13:

I couldnt find all the threads where he made all these claims but here’s what he said (if its him like some ppl are saying):

*yea chong is good wit guile if i had to place best guiles id say
now considering i owned too13go13 and ceez plus winky i have to battle chong and dont nobody mention marsgatti cuz he got buttfucked **plus mr ir whatever his name is got raped also ***--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

heres another link:


Hahahahah…no. I’ve actually beaten him, but I can’t TOUCH some of those other Guiles.

Just played him again. He’s not got better and quit after 2 rounds and I was using a arcade stick as well.

lol, he’s a joker. I dont usually give a damn what people say on forums, but him claiming to be the best guile player in the world!!! and the best HDR player in the UK!!! was just too far fetched, espcially after the voice hate mail he sent me last time I thrashed his guile, ryu, ken and akuma.

UPDATE: That isn’t the same guy. I recognize Prodigy 585, he’s worse than SF Prodigy 91. Plus I believe you need to use your actual Windows Live ID to log in and show your gamertag. 100% not him.

EDIT: I want my brain-cells back.

yeah but the guy posting messages isnt PRODIGY 585 its PROD1GY 585 (notice the 1 instead of the I)

I’ve heard prodigy 585 is a prick, but i’ve never come across him on live

SFProdigy91 shows promisings of making a full recovery after a few weeks of speech therapy:


SF Prodigy91 always sends me invites, but whenever I accept he’s not there :expressionless:

Hmm… whoever’s doing it, I don’t get why guys feel the need to talk so much rubbish about their skills on fighting games. I’ve played SF Prodigy 91 and he’s not bad but I’ve beaten him plenty. Irrepressible is easily a better Guile.

Also LOL at Percy’s sig ^

Irrepressible is probably the Guile who stands out in my memory as being particularly good. Haven’t played him in ages mind… I normall consider Guile a matchup in my favour, there are some very tough to get in on Guiles though.

While we’re bashing people, I found this pretty amusing:

(1) http://tinyurl.com/o5pu8y

... then...

(2) [media=youtube]4GjrMxTgXzk[/media] (Scroll down to the airwalker2000 comment.)

  • chuckle *

LOL IrrepressibleGuile just deleted his post on Sirlin.net, classic.

Of course, Google cached it :wow: :


And here’s that YouTube link, again (read the TurtleGuile and airwalker2000 comments):


How come this thread died?

Yeah lol. This is great stuff.