SF ps3 pcb to 360 pcb


Hello guys is it possible for me to change my ps3 fightstick standard edition to a xbox 360 pcb by simply taking out the ps3 one? my ps3 broke and yeah not ganan repair it ganna go for the xbox now so can i use the xbox 360 controller pcb and put it on the stick and just do the wiring if possible please guide me through it if you have the time


You are going to need to gut it and wire a common ground madcatz pcb from scratch.
Read this:
Then this.

Please don’t post questions again until you thoroughly read those.

Once you are overwhelmed with the knowledge, post in the trading forum to ask somebody to do it for you and offer to pay them well if they do it.


I would probably just buy a new Fightstick for 360 to be honest.

360 pads aren’t cheap, so if you’re new to hacking you will probably mess up a few and spend a lot more than the price of an SE.

You could also buy a hacked pad off someone, but that will cost almost as much as a new SE.

If the case is in good condition you could probably make a little money back selling it.


Forget what I said, get a xbox SE. You won’t be saving much money after tools, pad, supplies. If you screw up you will end up paying more than if you got a new SE. If you already sanwa modded it, gut it and sell it on craigslist.