SF Remixes: Jay Illestrate

Some of you may have heard some of the beats, and may have been following what I’m doing with this new project I’m working on.

However most of you are not aware of the awesomeness that I am concocting, that involves a lot of remixing of the old Street Fighter music that we all know and love. I mentioned this earlier on SRK, but I figured I’d mention it again since I have more songs finished for the project. Here are a few of the tracks.

Winners Circle -> [media=youtube]XR3DU2J8cBU[/media]
SRK -> [media=youtube]6X3m-22wpjs[/media]
Pain Is Love -> [media=youtube]uAajnFk40n0[/media]
Mindblowing! -> [media=youtube]ieKZyDPRMro[/media]
Poetry In Motion -> [media=youtube]cw3yrLZK5LM[/media]
Raleigh Street Corner -> [media=youtube]adHgVe0d824[/media]

Winners Circle samples Necro/12’s Stage in SF3s
SRK samples Chun-Li’s theme in SF2
Pain Is Love samples one of Chun Li’s Endings…can’t remember which
Mindblowing samples Dudley’s Stage in SF3s
Poetry in Motion samples the Windmill Stage on CvSNK2
Raleigh Street Corner samples Ibuki’s Stage in SF3s

Get lifted. Enjoy.

mmm raleigh street corner chops is really dope, man. u sequence/sample with hardware or software?

damn man good stuff!!

The 3rd strike remixes are great, especially Raleigh Street Corner. 3s easily had the best music on any SF game. Do you rap at all? I feel like these deserve to be rapped on.

@sailorsaturn I use fruity loop studio 8 and cool edit pro

@ palm of ice yeah i rap but i am first and foremost a producer. i definitely want to rap on that srk beat i made tho.

Thanks for listening you guys, I have a few more songs that I need to post but Ive got to get the images to make youtube videos.

man i remember when fruity loops couldnt even quantize right and they gave it away at guitar center… im a hardware guy myself but ive been messing with native instruments komplete in nuendo. software has come a long way.


What up SRKers. I was gonna make a new thread but I decided rather to resurrect this post to show you the advancement of my music. I recently released an album called Art of Facts Vol.3 and it has 2 very good tracks (in my opinion of course) that which sample SF3S.

Raleigh Street Corner ft. Self-One & Granz --> [media=youtube]9hpikkMLoqg[/media]
Mindblowing! ft. Wr. D!ce --> [media=youtube]C6DtmPDU0b8[/media]

I am still working on a Jay Illestrate x Street Fighter tape, so I was just figuring I would give you fellas an update.

You can also check out my website in my sig [THEILLESTMUSIC.COM] to find the latest developments.

Really enjoying these, good shit

Preciate it Kyle. Sub my youtube page!

Already did :slight_smile: