SF Series #3 figures at Hot Topic

I was just about to skip Hot Topic while I was in the mall today, but I said what the hell, wanted to see if they had some clearance on figures.

But instead I found the whole set of series 3, which was awesome. $14.99 each, Guile looks better in person. The cashier told me they just came in today, so I’d go asap if I were you.

Picked up Guile, Sakura and Balrog. Adon & Gen don’t really interest me much. Of course, I said that about Blanka and Sodom too. I now own a Blanka (green & red variant) and what with a Guy & Rolento figure coming out next year, I feel a little bad with no Sodom…

I would spontaneously explode on site if I ever saw Round 1 white Ryu or Bison though…

thanks for the heads up. i hate shopping at hot topic though o_O
guile kicks ass

I was skeptical that Hot Topic would have them. The ones by my house never carry originals, only the variants, and mostly only Cammy, Vega, and Sodom.

Imagine my surprise to walk in and find a whole fucking row of gorgeous figures. Thumbs up for Hot Topic, for once.

Adon is fucking gorgeous. Sakura is fucking gorgeous. Guile is most definitely the best sculpt of the series. Gen and Balrog look like they were lifted straight from the games.

Hell, they all look like they were lifted straight from the game.

I saw the pics of them online, but it doesn’t compare to seeing them in person. I didn’t buy any of them, even though I really wanted to pick up Adon, because I’m planning to buy Series Two and Three together (I know I’m embarrassed I haven’t picked up Two already) and save a little on tax and s&h.

But for those who aren’t collecting whole series and just want one or two figures, I recommend getting out there now.

What do they cost at HT? I guess they should start arriving at Ebay soon, but I’m not going to pay those ridiculous prices in UK. And I won’t order from some $49.99-for-all preorder guy without knowing when they’ll arrive.

So I guess they are only available at Hot Topic right now? My local comic book shop, Midtown Comics in New York doesn’t have them yet.

14.99 for sota and h-d figures

Fuck, mine are still on pre-order online, figures a bust ass place like Hot Topic would get them.

Just curious, what do other people have so far in their collection? I got all original colors for Series 1 and 2, the SDCC Exclusive Evil Ryu/Psycho Bison 2 pack, and Evil Ryu single.

Did anyone catch the voting for series 4 and 5? Oro voted out again, Birdie over Hugo, Ibuki over Mika, and worst of all, Remy over Oro AND Necro…the fuck? :bluu:

I have the original colors of series 1 and 2, don’t care for exclusives or second player outfits at all.

Dude, the Birdie and Ibuki sculpts are both fucking incredible. I can’t regret work that good.

Remy on the other hand…

They look good for who they are, but I would rather of had Mika and Hugo. :sad: And how Necro and Oro were passed up for Remy is beyond me…oh wait, shitty fans. :tdown:

I would have been ok with Remy if they had done him right.

But his jaw ruins the whole thing. His clothes are all fine, but the face doesn’t look like him at all.

Would Mika and Hugo come out in the same series, being wrestlers?

I don’t care anymore. I’m just biding my time until I can pick up Dan.

I’d be fine with Remy too, but for him to be voted over Oro and Necro is ridiculous, lets face it, he’s not the most interseting of designs. As for Mika and Hugo in the same set, it’s possible, Mika taking the female category, and Hugo taking the 3S or “big guy” category. As you know Series 4 and 5 have already been decided, heres how series 5 went down.

Category 1
HUGO vs. ZANGIEF - winner Zangief, that I can accept

Category 2
ALPHA CHUN LI vs. JUNI/JULI - winner Juni and Juli, another good choice, too early to start repeating

Category 3
CHARLIE vs. GUY - winner Guy, thank god

Category 4
ROLENTO vs. SF2 (Thin) BISON - winner Rolento :clap: again, too early to strat repeating

Category 5
DEE JAY vs. ORO - winner Dee Jay…I guess thats ok, that will almost fill the whole ST cast.

I’m hoping Series 6 will include Honda as the “big guy” and Dahlsim as something, then we’ll have all 17 ST charcters. If you add Mika to it for the female category that will add another Alpha character, and perhaps then Necro or Oro will finally take the 3S category. Series 4 is due in December, but I doubt it, Series 3 was supposed to be out in June originally.

Is anyone else concerned that the SOTA series might be in trouble based on the heavy delays? That would suck, especially now that Juli/Juni are on the horizon.

Yes, especially after Resaurus went under right before their series 3 which was fuckin awesome:

Urien - (was so close to getting my favorite character damn it! :mad:)

Urien? I thought it was Dhalsim.

I thought so also, but SMB in the General Discussion told me that is was changed to Urien towards the end, and that guy definately knows his action figures.

Whoa really? Were there proto pics of the Urien? Cause I haven’t saw it before.


Anyone get their series 3 yet? It supposedly shipped to retailers this week. Hopefully not another fucking delay. sigh

will hot topic be getting high dream’s series 2? hopefully…