SF Series #3 figures at Hot Topic

It’s oficially out in the Philippines since last week.

I just got Guile, which solds out pretty damn fast.

Hmmm… does anybody know when will the next roster for series 6 will be availble for votes???

Hmmm…maybe i should start a new thread for what people want in series 6??? =)

oh yeah…how come balrog’s sculpt looks like bison’s? o_O maybe it’s just me

I took a close look at pics and they don’t seem to have any resemblance.

I too want to know when voting is for series 6, wanna find a way to cheat the vote since mine did shit last time, gotta make sure Oro, or Necro make it this time, Mika also.

I hear the next round SOTA SF news(the Series 4 final versions,Series 5 prototypes and the Series 6 voting) are due around October/November. Also, some sad news. At the SOTA board at A-F.com, Sota stated that Darkstalkers series one may be pushed back to May 2006. Big bummer.

hhhmmmm…anyone ever thought about trying to get Gouken in the SOTA series? Although, he’s not that popular and not a playable character…but he should be !!! LOL…iono, i just thought it’ll be pretty cool to actually have him as a figure…
I wonder if Dan will ever make it…


Picked up Guile, Balrog and Adon last friday :karate: , I didnt expect to seem them so fast in Holland… :wow: (Thinking of getting Gen too… dont really care for Sakura though…)

ROAR!!! danmit, i wonder why everyone is getting theirs on-time and im not ( im happy for u guys though)…I pre-ordered mine a while ago and the dude said it’ll be shipped late july or early august…i emailed him 2day again and he said end of september!!! i’m F**king pissed!!! should i just ask for refund or should i wait???
Anybody in California get thiers yet???

Going by online stores and ebay it seems only a few small chain stores in the US got them. Hong Kong, Austrailia, UK, etc. seem to have gotten theirs already. I’d just wait and keep your order, chances are the day you cancel they’ll be released the next day. I feel your pain though, I’m still waiting myself. And they actually expect us to believe that Series 4 will be out this by December? Please.

yea, best bet is to wait i guess…i also pre-ordered an Akuma…chances are i might get that in 2006 or sumthing…

AKuma’s protoype looked pretty awesome, the rest of series 4 didn’t really cut it for me… Can’t wait for Rolento btw.

DS getting push back (or actually forward :confused: ) to May 2006 is definitly a bad thing… :tdown: (At least the proto’s looked damn good)