SF Site update....


Its up!


Still need to fix some small bugs, but it is running at least!


Cool Im gonna go check it out.


It looks awesome. Very good job guys.

I have two suggestions: Give us a way to turn off the music and display the artist name in the gallery.


I saw in the fanart section there’s going to be more contests, are these going to be themed contests, or just random fanart submissions?


I do think there are buttons (near the middle diamond) to turn off the music or skip the flash animation…

good suggestion on the artist name thing. Will work on that.



Helping to spread the news : )


ack!! sagat got owned big time on that flash…:lol:
Very professional.site looks great :slight_smile:



the site is so awsome
i love how u displayed all the covers, and the layout is just great
maybe i just missed it but i think u should have character profiles that are selectable, i notice there were some in the diamonds that randomly appeared

btw issue 6 cover a looks sooo amazing, holy crap