SF sketches


some sketches i did the other night. the chunli one took about an hour to sketch and draw, and an hour to color. her legs aren’t right and her eyes are a bit too high on her head. thecammy took about 10 minites to sketch and ink, and about the same to color. the shitty akuma (who looks black) took less than 5 minutes total. anyhow …





the pics arent showing up



They are Okay…I agree with the problems on your chun-li, but the cammy is nice.

What do you use for coloring (on the chun-li one) I am on the quest for good coloring tools.


More hip and thicker legs for Chun Li. The nose needs to be more further out giving it more mass. Boobs should be higher since she is wearing clothes. Cammy one is nice as hizell though. My favorite one has to be the charlie guile one. Nice structure and mass. Akums is pretty good, but i seen that pose too much not that it’s a bad thing.Overall good stuff.


man thats one ugly ass chun li. looks like a guy dressed up in her outfit taking a crap standing up, pretty gross dude.


der dey go

Yeah, the Cammy and the Charlie/Guile sketches own. No comment on Akuma, im not sure whats going on. Chun Li isnt terrible but I do see the probs that everyone else pointed out. Keep it comming.


i hafta agree with sweet on this one.


word… peace


CRMK: I don’t mean to sound rude, but Chun Li does look funny.(laughs) Kind of like Dan and Joe. Cammy? Is it supposed to be Hentai? All in all, better coloring than myself.:slight_smile:


I really like your 2 page of drawings, nice action into them :slight_smile: The Chun Li one…as sweet said…yeahhhh…(i like the pose tho! jsut the facials…) ^^;;


Cammy is a fighting game character…she fights to the death half naked like all of the female characters.


did somebody impersonate chun-li ???


Well I am going to say I like them, but yes there are many problems. I like your style and your coloring, but the structure is obviously a problem. Try using reference pictures if you are having problems.


CRMK: gammon is right! It’s true you must work at first to be correct, but don’t forget you should never forget that there is little virtue in sheer correctness. Then you can develp such skill that you’ll no longer depend on the accuracy of your eye or the refrence of some sort.


chun looks midnight blissed… eww.