SF story speculation and stuff


I thought of some stuff as I was brushing my teeth just now.

In the SF universe, who do you think has the better win ratio? Ryu or Ken?

SF1: Ryu>Ken
SF2: Not sure.
SF3: Ken>Ryu
SF4: Ryu>Ken
SFZ: Not sure. Ryu?
SFEX: No fucking clue.

As I picture the story in my head, I see Ken as having the better record but Ryu would still edge him out head to head (Yes, I like story in my fighters although that hasn’t stopped VF from being my main 3D game).

Also does anyone else enjoy the nuggets of philosophy SF offers? Ryu winquotes ftw (I like Ken’s in 3rd Strike as well, heck, I find most interesting). I mean, sure, the likes of Nietzche and Socrates were great and all but SF is king lol. “What strength!! But don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world”

This may “belong” on a more general board, but I like your guys’ sense of humor. Feel free to make this a joke topic (as if it wasn’t already haha).

I use Colgate Triple Action btw. And SPOILER ALERT, did you know Akuma is Ryu’s dad? “Noo…Nooo…that’s not true…that’s IMPOSSIBLE!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”


I agree.


I think this thread should be about which brand of toothpaste Ken and Ryu use.


Ah, another Ken and Ryu thread in the SF3 forums. Get your shit in before it gets shut down because rules on “No vs threads” might extend up here just the same.

So here’s one thing I was thinking about. Enter the Dragon. Great movie, some real characters in that one. Flare’s avatar around this forum also making me think twice about it.


Roper played by John Saxon
Mr. Williams played by Jim Kelly

Remember the scene where Williams has 1 bag, while Roper has a whole boat full of suitcases?
& Williams had the flashback sequence in his mind jumping off from a thought of: “Ghettos are the same all over the world… they stink!”

What did Roper even think about? We’ve already forgot because it wasn’t profound at all. Some shit about golf maybe. Alright, yeah I’m going to win this tournament! Bring a whole boat full of his shit he doesn’t need like its a vacation and it’ll be easy to win the Tournament while soaking up the sun or something.

They also both get down with the women, very nice job 1970’s movies, while Roper tries to marry his woman and “get away from all of this.” Williams is like sorry ladies, if I have left anyone out. There’s a big tournament tomorrow, I must save my strength. Later he doesn’t give a damn about the compounds rules of “you can’t go out, its not allowed.” Oh? He even literally pulls some punches, training at half speed out there.

So here’s the connection, feel free to agree or disagree.

Nishimura’s Ryu is pretty hardened, dark, and brown. Little bit of a puff up there in the hair too. No more of that SF2 mullet stuff.



Jim’s got the stare down.



Character select screen player 1 side too!

And Yellow Karate Gi’s weren’t his style. His dojo back home was all classic White Gi. It might get dirty from a training session, the ideal of learning and toughening up. Also extends to the belt getting darker to black. The gi gets cleaned. Not dyed a million skittles colors like ol Ken Masters and his money rich kids Karate lessons.

The guy he handed off the training counts of Kiai’s to looked like this ebay sellers Jim Kelly:


Those punches were popping right to their targets, not like this guy below whiffing some kinda Fierce punch and getting mad about it:


Fierce Color Ken over here. Except by the time he’s old, it won’t look so hot anymore, and his hair’s all gone. Gonna have to dye it like Console Colors Ken




His stare is just like Ken’s, weird. Weird arms crossing too. What a jerk.

Ryu got older and still has a lot of presence by Street Fighter 3, hardened and still getting better while Ken hardly aged at all. Still the same rich punk who’s own kid even punches him in the balls.

Ryu = Williams
Ken = Roper

R.I.P Jim "The Dragon" Kelly

Actually not Nishimura Ryu, Ikeno Ryu. All that talk of Enter the Dragon but Bruce doesn’t get a mention?! But I guess FeiLong isn’t part of the equation. Williams and Roper ftw!

Btw, OMG ggs, even though I cheated :wink:


SF3 has some top tier chinese guys… almost went thru the whole thing with no Bruce pic.

Yeah, forgot about Ikeno. Daigo’s in his name even right? (Don’t talk about Daigo the player, no, don’t)


That’s a different look at Bruce. Usually when you see a pic of him on the net, he’s posing, kiai-ing (ie screaming), or looking like he’s about to do some damage (or actually doing damage lol).

Well, I just checked the SF20 artbook (excellent book btw though it was a bit expensive) and it doesn’t mention Daigo Ikeno but iirc you’re right. That guy’s style changed drastically over the years. I mean look at his stuff prior to 3s, then 3s, then IV. I’ve grown to like IV’s look but at first I didn’t like it so much. In the IV artbook, Ikeno admits he made the characters too beefy. Oh really? Ya think?


Still pissed Hollywood changed the script so Roper lived and Williams died. :sad:
Other than that the movie was purrfect!


Shows you how Ken would leave his buddy hanging and not fuck up dude right then and there. Or we have to hope it won’t ever come to that and that’s how Ken would really go about it.

Drop his ass Ryu!


Oh shit, you’re that guy.


EDIT: Dos boots.


Yall niggas just mad cuz ken is better.




couldn’t find side angle, dropkicking another guy





Damn this guy is like an irl Jeffry


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