SF Super Turbo

Which parent programs would i need to run Super Turbo on Kaillera?

You need Super Street Fighter 2.

you’ll need MAME from www.darktemplarz.com , the kailleraclient.dll from www.anti3d.com , and the roms for both ssf2 AND ssf2t.

Lol, gave up trying to get LB working 'eh?

grrr yes… thank you by the way…

for lb you need the neo geo bios

Lol, I kept telling you. If you wanted help with LB, all you had to do was come to GodWeapon and I’d help you out.
I know exactly how to fix your problem because I had it myself before.

Ah thanks, it works

oh btw, i got LB2 to work, i just had to refresh my rom list :sweat: