SF: The Later Years - Part 4 "Preview"


A new preview for the popular CollegeHumor “Street Fighter: The Later Years” series is up. The 4th episode is coming on September 7th. A few old faces make a return…lol.

I love this series!!! =D


Finally, some new episodes. I can’t wait.

lol@ dan and barlog.

ohh guile…wut happened?

do you…kick?

…whats a kick?

It still won’t be the same without honda…

can’t wait though

Finally. That shit had me rolling XD

I’m glad they’re finishing these, I was wondering if they gave up on it. and I wonder why Dhalsim is wearin an eye patch

…I’m pretty sure that was Sagat

Honda is dead…thats sucks…but maybe he has a son…