Sf update rumor or new game?


nothing on cammy but sounds cool… how will this effect cammy?

as long as cammy is in im happy, dont care about the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiple supers and Ultras available to each character at once?

Sounds pretty scary.

Lol +1.
I care about chun though too, lol.

I’m taking most of these with a grain of salt, but if Makoto really is in the game… get ready for Karakusa time!

At the very least, console chars being put into the arcade version will probably mean Cammy will be more developed.

dude what the hell, you’re SO LATE. The rumor thread is here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=209520

This deserves a close.


Wow I been known this but they don’t of course ppl like you would come in here and cause a scene because u have no life. Whatever helps u sleep at night Canada boy. This was supposed to be a how do u think cammy would fair with new moves and tweaks but u had to come in here and get so dickish whatever.

Lol my thread isn’t pointless but ur pal can come in and say adon and get away with it lmao ppl on teh webs now and days


I know I have nothing to do with this, but I think his stance on the matter is just as reasonable as you wanting to hypothesize changes on a game that hasn’t been announced, confirmed, and proven. Honestly, how has Cammy been changed from SF2WW? More combos, and a super/ultra.


… What’s a life o_O


whatever they add to the game is ok by me… but honestly im not excited about the new added characters (this could potentially mean we’ll have more turtles!!)

Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Adon, Cody and Guy. << seriously who plays Cody? (whos Cody again??)

and Dee Jay sounds like another Guile to me… arrgh…

cody is actually a pretty cool fighter and hes pretty unique. hes like one of the only fighting game characters that i know is a prisoner and he fights with some pretty cool moves. he can fight the real way by throwing dirt in your eyes and stuff like that :chat:

at least dee jay doesnt have sonic boom :smiley:

My number one concern is balance. I have a feeling that it won’t be balanced with all the added characters and ultras. But who knows, maybe they can pull it off. I’m excited that I can start playing Cammy in the arcades. Anyone want to guess what will be Cammy 2nd ultra is? Maybe her Alpha one where she goes straight up?

for balanced games u need frequently patching, and that unfortunately for SF isnt possible except on pc games and i doubt they will patch pc version only

cammy 2nd ultra to be anti air imo. like gen’s actual one

The problem with patching fighting games is that, if it’s too frequent then it requires constant adjusting to a new character. The slightest changes to normals or specials could drastically alter a character’s playstyle and choices available to them in given situations.

I agree with Capcom in not patching the game, this game is as close to being balanced out of any fighting game I’ve ever played, even the really “shitty” characters are pretty decent when you play them right.

A new game is a fresh start and changes across the board, it’s like a yearly / bi-yearly patch: in the MMO world, those are called Expansions and you pay just as much for them.

yeh but something so obviously OP like sagat, SHOULD be patched

what u said can be applied to RTS games yet they patch them a lot, u just need to test the patch before release it and be carefull in what u patch, ask community , top players etc…

My Cammy ideas for “Dash” are:

Ultra 1: Lock-On
Ultra 2: Her straight up special (idk the name)

Special: Spin Drive Smasher

Also she shud have a target combo.

That’s just abt it, she’s pretty great alrdy.

you are quite the idiot.

btw when is supposed to come out that expansion? next year?