SF V Beta Dates; For Fun Predict the next Stress Test and Phase 3 Beta

The thought ran through my mind; Whens the next stress test and Beta Phase 3 for SF V?
This is especially considering I haven’t played the beta yet, not once! (got the client and am waiting like everyone else).

This is just for fun to see who gets it right and to try give some of us hope, that all we have to do is wait… for maybe one of the dates in this thread, since Capcom are keeping quiet for now!

I would create a poll, but can’t see the option :angry:

Try and lay your answer out like mine below:

Stress Test Date:
Fri 4th Dec 2015 to Sun 6th Dec 2015

Beta Phase 3 Date:
Fri 1st Jan 2016 to Sun 3rd Jan 2016

They need a month to work on the changes required and prefer to open the servers on weekends.


Locked in 3…2…1…

probably sometime round CapCup or PSX.

If not during this year I’d say sometime mid January

It’s gonna be between today and the release of the game.

I win.

Hmm I would say your guesses are good ones, but I might even go a bit earlier, I think they will be maybe even a week or 2 sooner on phase 3.

My jaw will drop if that is true, but unless you got a man on the inside over at Capcom, I don’t think it’ll be tomorrow.

lol, that’s just not allowed.

Hmm, good to know that my ‘guesstimates’ could possibly be accurate.

this is mad dumb

Probably the 3rd beta will happen late December or early January. Followed by one more (PS4 exclusive) stress test.

Here you go @jaykuma , I got your back.

It’s just for fun, not meant to have any real logic behind it.

lol… thanks, that’s 1 way to do it.

Good to know, my guesses aren’t far off… Time to wait just like everybody else then.

Stress Test Date:

Beta Phase 3 Date:

During the second week of December, the situation with ISIS will escalate and suck the entire planet into a new world war that lasts for 9 years, ushering in a new dark age. The Capcom offices will be the first casualty, struck by a falling hot air balloon that caused the building to collapse suspiciously (sparking conspiracy theories for many decades to come). There were no survivors left to continue the development of Street Fighter 5. Everyone doesn’t care.

Only because there aren’t any actual stakes involved.

The losers gotta at least rock “avatars of shame” or something like that.

Oh? Welp, since d3v allows this

Stress test
December 2nd-5th, right before Capcom Cup

Beta Phase 3
December 10th-15th, tweaks after the Capcom Cup, adding Fan to the build, PS4 and PC start out simultaneously

Still no stakes.

What does the winner get. Or better yet, what do the losers have to do.

I wasn’t planning on having any stakes involved; am open to suggestions that don’t involve money.

Your ‘avatars of shame’ would work and can be viewed; I guess keep for a limited time.

I’ll MM anyone who guesses correctly for all of my fight money and a shiny new Chun-Li TE2.

“Oh Froztey, why is the reward a money match? I still have to play you and win that’s stupid.”

If anyone just thought that, fuck you. It’s an honour to play me bow your heads and respect it.

Also I’m gonna guess just after Christmas in the new year, somewhere mid-January.

Is it too late to join the next beta phase?

Depends on where you’re located, and what platform you’re on

If you’re in America and on PS4 just pre-order and you’ve got guarenteed access.
I think everywhere else has some sort of selection process.

Give them time, they need to find new Ryu stuff to nerf, and at this point is’nt easy