SF V Beta Dates; For Fun Predict the next Stress Test and Phase 3 Beta

Did anybody get it right yet? I’m thirsty.

I clearly did.

Sunday pls hurry up

I see phase 3 happening in mid Jan to start the hype train into Feb 16th.

I hate to admit it but it looks as though my original guesstimate for the ‘stress test’ may be wrong; Capcom haven’t announced any details yet.

You’d think if it were this Sunday they’d announce it by now? (Although for the last stress test they gave 24 hour notice, so I might still be correct).

Phase 3 is almost guaranteed to happen in Jan.

There was a patch last night. Im hoping this a stress test coming up this week.

Dec 17-20 is the phase 3 beta.


Yh I just looked it up; good news all round!

I wonder how long this phase 3 will last as it’s a bit of a gap between Dec 17 and Feb 16.

I guess we were all wrong about phase 3!

My guess is four days: December 17 - 20.

So you didn’t read the article you linked then? It mentions the 20th.

The struggle is gonna be real after the 20th. Need rapid fire stress tests all the way until launch

Ok you caught me, I just scanned through the article very quickly, granted it does say 20th; but I was hoping for longer than just a few days.

Hopefully they’ll do more of stress tests to ensure the servers are as ready as they can be for day 1; when they come under the ‘biggest stress’.

Although thinking about it; I’ll probably be in the training room until I’m satisfied with my main’s.

Called it, 2 weeks sooner than Op guess of Jan 1-3.

17? Sooner than expected
My prediction about Ryu changes


-st HP removed
-st HK removed
-Hadoken travel half screen, dmg nerfed to 10, cause laugh on hit
-SRK hitbox removed
-Tatsu removed
-Air Tatsu still possible, but Ryu break both legs on landing

You forgot Ken getting a Raging Demon that has zero frame strartup and zero frame recovery. And it does 99% damage on everyone. And it has a status effect that prevents you from jumping, blocking, doing specials, or doing supers or V-Trigger moves.

Sound OP, hopefully will be nerfed in the final version

Just a tad OP.

The beta should be tomorrow. FUCK

Anyone got the PC beta code to share,please?

Beta on my PS4 just updated to version 1.07
Should we expect beta this week?