SF V dedicated servers or p2p?

Sorry if this is redundant, just joined the forums… I searched but didn’t yield anything relevant. So the point of this post is just to get the title question answered. Thanks :slight_smile:

There are dedicated servers for matchmaking, but the game itself is p2p.

Moving to the SFV section.

P2P because dedicated servers make no sense for a 1v1 game.


Traffic seems to go through servers, there may be cases where NAT allows for direct connection, but everything I have seen points to servers being used to bounce packets to get around NAT

I think Quake players would disagree with you.

Quake was targeted and created for larger player capacity than 1v1 in a first place, therefore creating a standard of having dedicated servers in PC multiplayers, especially in FPS shooters.

Unlike fighting games that have always been directed for 1v1 use.

That’s probably true, but I have a hard time believing P2P could work in any 1v1 shooter because it always seems to give one person a ping advantage. I’m glad that doesn’t seem to be a problem in fighters.

The problem with Quake is that, even 1v1, it’s not a true P2P connection in that it still considers one player a server and the other a client. This isn’t the case in a true P2P setup where rollbacks occur not based on the state of one peers game, but on a separate simulation based on collected inputs

For more on how fighting game networking works, read this.

Thank you all for your input! I’ve only ever played shooters where p2p can be a nightmare…