SF V DLC's character


Well I have enough money to buy 2 DLC character and I don’t want to use them on boring character. I searched on google but all i can see is people saying that DLC’s are crap good at nothing, not viable … bla bla bla. Surely i don’t want to use those 200 000 point on completely useless character but i don’t care that they are not top tier either.

What I want to know is wich DLC character have a nice FUN/EASY TO USE/POTENTIAL ratio. Urien, Alex, Guile, Balrogg all seems really fun to me but i have never tried them so wich one would be worth to unlock ? Just want your opinion on that and as i said i will never be a competitive player so i don’t care they are not top tier but fun and somewhat viable.

Thanks and i think that could help some others beginner player too.