Sf V funny unboxing


videogames NY is selling


how do you unbox a video game

its a plastic case with a disc inside


That shit wasn’t funny fam.

Lucky bastards.


Where’s the joke. I didn’t laugh.


This wasn’t really an unboxing video. At least do it with the collector’s edition.


You know it’s official when they got da BLACK BAGZ


Well, that’s one way to get views on your video


I strongly believe the next trend will be “buying” videos. Videos where people will have a camera on them while they are at the cash register paying for the game, THEN unboxing it.


It’s so funny I disliked the video.


BUUUUUUUYA got my copy on friday 12th :smiley: Not to mention that in germany in stores they sell the “Steel-Edition” in a Steelcase this thing don’t wanna happen^^ But funny video dudes ;-D