SF V Stick Quesiton

I’ve done a few searches and come up empty on this so I thought that I would ask it here.

Of the SF V sticks there is the TE2, TE2+, and TES+

I know that TE stands for Tournament Edition, but what does TES stand for? – and what are the major differences between these 3 sticks?

I’m interesting in picking one up for SF V (as my first fightstick!), but am unsure which is best to buy, but so far I’m leaning on the Chun-Li one because I like her a lot. :slight_smile:

Te2 and te2+ have a clamshell designforeasy access to the intior of the stick.
Te2+ and tes+ have touchpads.

This is al well documented though, you shouldnt have started a thread for it. We have a thread specificalyfornewbie questions