sf V

so I’m having a bitter-sweet relationship with this whole SF V game at the moment because it looks like a dope game, but i’m afraid Adon won’t be in.

What you guys think? Keep hoping? Is it possible, probable, or don’t hold my breath? and if not, why?

also, if not… who you gonna play in lieu of THE TRUE KING?

Sadly I think he won’t make it in… But I hope for a proper Muay Thai character and not boring Sagat.

I would have hoped to see a “redeemed” Adon who realized he is on the wrong way

I used to LOVE Urien from Street Fighter 3. When I knew that Urien wasn’t gonna be in sf4 I lost interest.

Adon will never be the true king. Sagat knocked him out with a single Tiger Destruction while on retirement.

Adon will always be a pretender. Sorry.

don’t hate bro… SlowGat can’t touch the power of the jaguar!