SF Vid Movie Awards at Evo2k5

There are a lot of good new videos coming out, and hopefully more to come. I think with all of this greatness going on it would be kind of cool to recognize people who are standout in their fields and really helping the community with a short awards ceremony during the final day. Hell, if it’s the Year’s Annual SF Gathering with a side o’ tourney, we should at least pump up the fanfare. I think it’d be nifty. According to the In-n-Out receipt I just found in my back pocket, the categories would be:

Best Combo video (content-wise)
Best Tutorial video (all games inclusive)
Best Glitch video (all games inclusive)
Best 3s vid (any type)
Best Marvel vid (any type)
Best GGXX/#R vid (any type)
Best ‘Other’ vid (any type, for games not listed above)
Best Editing (video editing/effects/theme on a particular video)
Best overall Editor/Group (I.E. Meikyousisui, Azn Angels, or just plain old MikeZ)

We’re really starting to come together as a community, and I’d like to see more work in the video field. Evo is the stage that a large portion of the community watches intently. I think that this sort of thing would really promote a growth in the video field, which is always good for spreading of info and such.

Also, for those curious, I’d completely eliminate myself from the nominations. I’d like to be a judge though(I’d also recommend SlimX, MikeZ, and Xenozip for their work in the field and sheer knowledge of shit from shinola), if we can get this thing down. I’m willing to put up any supplies needed, edit the clips for the showcasing (what would a video awards show be without an AMAZING clip showcase? I’m talking full-on MTV VMAs here) and anything else required to get it going. I just want 30 minutes or so main-stage time to give recognition to the people who are putting forth the extra effort to get the knowledge out.

N - Just a thought.

spicy :pleased: :devil:

should nominate whoever came up with that latest Guy from Alpha 3 vid (SFA3 Guy Ex. Vol 1)

Speaking of combo vids, there’s a man whom you should never forget his name…

I told this story to a man; legendary combo video producer 'TZW’
and he would be gladly dedicating to EVO2k5 his newly remixed arts from tons of combo masterpieces legacy.

You’ll, once again, be astounded by ‘TZW-ART? 2k5’

I believe that was Xenozip. Great vid too, was thinking of getting into Guy.

GGXX #reload should either be Shonen/Fuku/Yokinose/Kyo/MSY. :slight_smile: b

CvS2 is either BAS or Sairek :tup:

Wow Kuni, just wow. I’m totally familiar with TZW’s work, it’s an honour to have him come out for an occasion like this. Thanks a lot, I know I’m excited, and definitely not alone on that one.


TZW for lifetime achievement award !!!

Nki For Lifetime Achievement!!!

Sounds like a good idea. I would like to see this happen :tup:

sounds like a good idea to me

Love ya.


Yay, perhaps I’ll convince joo to finish meik11 at that time hahaaha wouldn’t that be cool?

I thoroughly soiled myself just thinking about it!


This sounds great. How about adding in the best (if possible) Fighting Game music remix?

just a thought.

I assume this would only be for people that have put out vids AFTER evo2k4?

Otherwise you would get tons of sympathy votes for old school vids that suck by today’s standards.

KSK should get best 3S video series fo’ sho!

Kuni who is coming down from japan this year to evo? :smiley:

for battle of the century that would be daigo vs justin wong 3s the beast is unleashed . FUCK YEAH THAT VID IS SWEET. one of the best comeback evers i seen. That should be another categorie best come-back and justing wong vs Executioner should be there the cable come-back don’t remember where did it happen at but i have it ill look for it

It was at one of the Texas Showdowns.

it was like poetry with the joystick