SF Vids @ Go For Broke Hub

We’ve resurrected the GoForBroke hub now as “GoForBroke2”.

This is a DirectConnect hub (peer to peer networking) to share fighting game combo and tournament vids on. Like others, I enjoy sharing and watching videos, but it’s bandwidth or disk space prohibitive to share everything at once. The GoForBroke2 hub provides a way for people to share everything under the sun and yet keep their networking costs to a minimum - no need to run your own website or hope that somebody hosts that particular video that you’ve been looking for.

You can get the DC++ client software at:
http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net (use 0.674!) or the DirectConnect client software at:
http://www.neo-modus.com (use 2.205!)

I personally use DC++ and find it much more stable/less leaky. If you use DC++, you must use version 0.674 or newer. If you use DirectConnect, I strongly recommend 2.205, since that fixes some bigger ‘file refresh’ bugs in 2.20.

Right now (6/13/05), all my slots are typically taken. So you can either search for the files on other people’s shares or wait or ask me to grant you an extra slot (and you’ll want a good reason here, such as that it’s footage of you). Right now, you’ll be put in the queue of people waiting to download from my share, or you can download from other people’s shares.

=====Hub Info=====
Hub Name:

Hub Address:

Note that that is goforbroke2. The original goforbroke is retired at this point.

Hub news:

Welcome to GoForBroke Take 2. This hub is exclusively for sharing fighting game and combo videos. Abusive behavior will result in kicks/bans.


  • Share 100MB of videos minimum
  • Don’t share incomplete, corrupt, or system files.
  • No porn, no warez, no ROMs, no commercial music, no commercial materials. This means if it violates somebody’s copyright, you’re kicked. Nothing from the Evo DVDs.
  • No spamming/advertising. That will lead to perma-ban.
  • Open 3 slots if you’re on broadband
  • You must set your client ID tag indicating what client version you’re using.

If you have a problem, please take it to a mod or me. I will typically warn you and give you a couple minutes to fix the problem before I kick you, so if you’re around to fix the problem, let me know. Otherwise, we’ll see you in 20 minutes if you can get rid of the offending files.

I personally strongly recommend you uncheck “Require Open Slots” when searching, as that way you’ll find the full list of available footage on the hub at that point.

If you don’t have 100MB of videos, you can find about 3GB to download from http://zachd.com/mvc2 to get you going.

Current ops:

  • Preppy (hub owner)
  • Selfishstyle (operator)
  • QOC (operator)
  • Eidrian (operator)
    New ops will be added over time as needed. You will not be given op privileges until you’ve been around for a while. It’s pretty ugly to ask or hint about it. If for some reason you NEED op privileges (and I’m not sure why anybody does…), ask privately. If you’d like to report a problem, it’s probably best to do it directly to an op. You’ll get more cred that way and the hub will run more cleanly.

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me or hit me up on AIM (‘zachdms’). If you get banned and feel it was unjustified, hit me up on AIM and we’ll discuss. You’ll only get banned if you ignore the reason why you get kicked. If you get kicked, you’ll be locked out for 40 minutes so you can fix the reason why you were kicked.

If you DO get banned and want to be unbanned, you will need to hit me up on AIM (‘zachdms’) and explain why you were banned, tell me that you fixed the problem, and what username you want to be unbanned.

Much love to Funk, who ran the old hub. We miss you.

This shit fucked / lagged up my comp like crazy
I deleted it pretty fast:lame:

Thats the first time i heard that. Noone else complains or has complained about it. Maybe u have shit for RAM. LOL
DC uses a fair amount of reasource, thats would make ur comp lag, like i said shit for RAM


Where’s the white knight vids??

I checked dr funk’s folder cause I thought he said he had em.

I only had 3 shared of him, all listed under Final Round5. i unshared them b/c people were like why does the vid play slow. when my friend put them on his comp he must have funked it up. he is working on making them better, but he has school and stuff.


my RAM is 256

yeahd dc is slow as shit. i’m coming on and i’m going to leech all your files pussies.

RAM = 1Gig

Besides since like 2001 512mb is standard.

Come leech all you want. :smiley:

Yeah i think i should get some more ram… i only got 128…i’ll steal it from my work

Wow great shit, I Know ill be sharing stuff on this site for you guys, this is a great idea.

I don’t get it, i have 256 DDR PC2700 and i got no problems on dc.

I can bet anything that the majority of people here got tons of crap running on there system tray. Useless progs that take up valuable resources and more then half of them are probably not being used i bet, if anyone got more then 1 or 2 running on there tray that would probably explain why dc runs so slow.

it’s about time ya’ll caught on to DC…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

mirc’s gay.

Why is DC++ not allowed on that hub? DC++ is superior from what I’ve seen…

DC++ is hack friendly, Hub Script disabling, and deceitful.
there are many good points too, but the bad points over shadow it.


hub was down for some line work. back up. had a downtime for 2 hours.


What about Kazaa, I always share stuff on there

Meh… I try to browse their files and nothing ever comes up :confused: Ne wayz I guess I’ll pass on this one unless someone can help me out.

If u browse ursers files and nothing comes up, go to:

Settings/Connection Tab/ and click on PASSIVE MODE

that will solve all ur problems

Jap 5 on 5 is in the hub :slight_smile:


Hey try Kazaa too.

yeah nothing like good ole spyware :rolleyes:

use whatever program you like. no reason drfunk has to do this other than he wants to…

i’m sharing a new rotd vid and a breakers revenge vid and the kof2k2 ost tonight