Sf Vs Mk

Score has gotten the SF & MK license, so their card game will be the first to let playing do a SF VS MK duel. But before that, let’s watch this one -

Insert mandatory dickheaded "Old! post here ;D

Heh. Yeah that is a cool video. Retarded story though. Like any MK chumps could capture and kill peeps like Akuma and Gill. Psssh!

Thanks for the news,Udoneko!

Nice!! Is there an official press announcement of some sort on the SF and MK license or was that first post pretty much the announcement?

Wow, why does this stuff always come too late for the majority of people who’d have eaten it up to care about it anymore?

Not that I’m one of those. But let’s face it, MK and SF aren’t the “THE” games they once were, and something like this would’ve done more than gangbusters back then.

…so, Udoneko, any plans for a comic version? :slight_smile:

LBD “Nytetrayn”

When I first saw this thread, I thought, “OH NO NOT ANOTHER VERSUS THREAD!” We’ve had enough of those, then I saw Udoneko started the thread so I was like, “WHAT THE…” :rofl:

I dunno, SF and MK always seemed so different, SF is not about killing people and ripping them apart… then again neither is Mortal Kombat seeing how everyone comes back in the next sequel or comes back to life… I wish they’d call it Imortal Kombat… Oh well, good news I guess.

These movies are a lot older but I like them too. Good for a laugh if you like Dragon Ball Z and don’t take them too seriously.

There are these recent announcements -

i wish that MK vs SF flash guy creator can someday make a good sub-zero vs scorpion fight instead of that craptatcular MKA movie fight. :sad:

Fun vid :clap:

Nice…a card game with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat…and with Udon providing the artwork?!

Bring it on! :tup:

I vote NO on SF vs. MK. In any form really.

These SF vs Mk links are so cool. Ken can kick Raiden’s ass any day.

Udon renditions of MK chars? Sounds good to me.

“The nature of the Epic Battles game mechanic will likely enable Score to include characters from other fighting video games in future editions if this first Epic Battles release can lure gamers away from their consoles.”

KoF and GG plz

Just the Beginning

Hey guys!
Yes, there’s an official TCG based on playing your favorite video game fighters against each other. The game is called Epic Battles and the FIRST set is focused on Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter. The game is simple to learn, simple to play, and holds all of the power and brutality of those video games.

While Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are in the first set, the game is NOT going to be restricted to just those titles. I cannot say much until more is done, but Score Entertainment’s eyes are open to any popular fighting game that lands in their lap. :wink:

Is it too far behind the peaks of SF and MK? I don’t really think so. Street Fighter is THE granddaddy of fighting games, and Mortal Kombat comes out with new games almost every year. Plus, this game is intended for OLDER audiences (at least on the MK side), not the kiddies. I don’t think having cards where someone is being ripped in half with Gogo’s bare hands and having blood fall out like cracking an egg to cook a cake is exactly for your average 13 year olds. =P

Uf Udon’s providing the art for this, any chance of Udon starting a MK comic series? And to go even further, will SOTA start a MK line any time in the future?

So long as Goro falls victim to Dan’s Gadouken I’ll be happy. :karate:

Skullo Crusher >>> Shao Khan Mallet

Yeah, I don’t see the relationship with SF and MK. Doesn’t seem like two fighting games that would co-exist in the same reality very well. But neither did SF vs. Marvel, so it could be good. Now is this just a card game and comics, or does this open up liscences for Capcom to do a fighting game or some shit like that?


The relationship between SF and MK is that they are both fighting games. Score Entertainment is not trying to create some new world and storyline that somehow weaves in each and every fighting game they put it. SE is just making a game where you CAN fight them against each other, something which no other game out there can provide. What other game will let you Speak Kabob Ryu’s head off or pull a Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku on Jade as you apply your beatings?

Epic Battles is a trading card game where the artwork is done by UDON. This does not open up the licences for Capcom do to another VS series game as far as I’m aware. I also believe that there’s another company that is doing the Mortal Kombat comics instead of UDON, but I don’t know many specifics on that. I just know that UDON draws badass artwork. =D


I feel you on that, but did you have to mention Ryu getting his head lopped off? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: