SF X T Dying??


My Opinion On The Current State Of The Gmae




It should be, “SFxT IS dying.”


I dunno man, SFxT certainly COULD dying. Then again, aren’t us ALL dying? This shit are deep.


Who told you it be dying? How much time did Dr.Trolls say’s it be had left?:sad:


The grammar errors in these posts are amazing.

We don’t need another thread like this btw.


I wish i could see the other pictures besides that GTA gif. Internet Explorer on xbox is terrible with how it dont got flash.
Any way I dont really think its dying


Yeah. someone lock it please =\


Dude, you don’t need to make another thread for your video. Just post your video/thoughts in general discussion. We’ve got enough threads as it is that don’t get anywhere about the political aspects of the game.