SF x T on Hardest mode....Possible to beat?


So me and my roommate have been playing this game on arcade waiting for matches to come our way.
Then we decided since we were beating people online, that we should just play Hardest…Shouldnt be too hard right?
How wrong could we be?
Everytime I pushed a button I would pay the price. And it seemed like computer knew exactly what I was doing before I even mounted offense…
8 counter hits in a row? 3 straight tech throws?
Not to mention playing Akuma on hardest…
Not even possible…
The man had his way with me damn near the whole game.
Im wondering if anyone can beat this on hardest :
Or maybe we suck…idk :\


Possible and I didn’t find it difficult honestly. Ever tried Super Turbo on hardest?


Oh god, the nightmares about Step Forward Flash Kicks are coming back!!


Yea,please dont remind me >.<


In SF4 Era the CPU read some of your input (like they would shoryuken the mili second your foot take off the ground to jump in to them) but not all your input (like stupid Super Turbo) and there are always some holes in the AI (like you could Focus Attack lv 3 all days in SF4 and SSF4 and thats it), mess around a little bit and just dont use Human tricks against them (jump in, throw etc…)


Damn, sometimes in this game I think that computer reads the majority of your inputs.
But reusing the same method is no fun. :frowning:


Use command grabs, the AI tends to get mostly fooled by it… i used hugo and the moment i score a knockdown i just command grab them, well their is a small chance of them trying to escape from it, most notably akuma with his teleports


I’d say its the easiest “hardest” mode in a fighter since Blazblue: Calamity Trigger.

The AI goes for a specific set of things depening on the character. Shotos, always looking for the AA shoryuken, so dont jump, grapplers, always looking for their signature command grab so stay just a step out of range. The AI keeps looking for it so… just go around it. Get to close and it will react with the counter instantly.


Why would you play the CPU when you could play people or your room mate. the CPU in most games is like fighting somebody whos really bad, or a Super Sayain level scrub. Long story short CPU=retard


The CPU is stupid easy, even on hardest. It gets blown up all day by frame traps.


unfortunately I dont know frame traps…Hell I dont even have a pressure game X_X


Cause we do what Mike Ross and Clakey D do. Play someone seperately. At least when she is at home


You should use this site to gather information and help you practice rather than starting threads about the AI.


I thought I could make a thread about whatever I felt. I was just implying how hard computer was too me.
Its not a rant…Besides not many new thread…


Ok dude, don’t worry. This game on hardest is (relatively) easier than SSFIV’s hardest mode. What happens when you play against the AI is that it reacts instantly, its pretty hard to jump against certain chars like Hugo, Ryu or Cammy. You need to push your level up gradually.

With time you will realize that hardest mode is way easier than PvP,


Pick Gief. lp spd -> green hand -> lp spd immediately on wake up. This is an inescapable loop for the CPU even on the hardest. Actually the CPU struggles with pretty much every command grab on wake up. Also applies to every SF4 game. This is also easy way to beat the challenge modes (lol).


i had 100% win rate after few hours in training mode on the very first day, and i am pretty mediocre player.
its super easy.


^ Agreed. I also play arcade with Fight Request on for ranked fights and I rarely lose to the CPU on hardest with my main team… different story when using other characters though.


More annoying than the AI itself is the stuff the characters say exclusively in arcade mode. Some moves trigger this one sentence and they keep repeating this shitty line every time they take a small step… “This is for Mother Russia! …This is fo…Thisis…ThisisfomotherThisisformotherrrussia!” (Really, play the Gief KI in arcade on hardest, it´s ridiculous). Another one of my favorite quotes is Ibukis “This is fun!”. Seems like lines starting with “This is” crack me up easily.

On topic of difficult AI: I´ve played arcade mode for every title (yeah, perfectionist in stuff nobody cares about) and as soon as you know how the AI of a certain character interacts it´s a peace of cake. Akuma for instance always plays the fireball game with you at half screen or further away. If you wanna have some fun with him just pick Law and Dragon Kick the hell out of him. He can´t deal with it at all. There are a lot more AI exploits (Hugo not blocking far reaching low pokes at all, Law and Asuka trying to antiair with normals that are completely ineffective… etc.), but you can´t just simply breeze through the mode because of the inhuman reaction DPs and other nice AI quirks without some AI matchup knowledge. God, playing through that mode was such a waste of time…


Ogre is easy. Against Akuma, just have Law as your backup and spam that flying kick of his thru Akuma’s fireballs (he was programmed to spam them from full screen)