SF x T on pad?

Before I go out and buy this today I just wanted to know, what its like on the pad?

Looking at them commands it looks pretty uncomfortable to play on a controller, i just wanted to kno what other people think.

And the 4 button thing can you play good using that layout or is it a waste of time?

I’m playing with pad. I’ve played with pad for ~4 years now. From SF4, to SSF4, MVC3 to UMVC3.
At first wanted to play with Kazuya and I definitely can agree that mist stepping rapidly can be hard, but it’s doable.
Otherwise, this game feels good on pad. I haven’t had a problem with execution at all (I mostly play rolento/heihachi). Tag canceling is like doing a focus attack so it aint hard.

I have to say though, that some moves, like Kings bodypress and shoulder tackle might be annoying to do at first, but I got used to it.
There’s definitely some moves that feel a lil ‘‘clunky’’ (mostly tekken cast, with the LP +MK or LK+ MP commands)but still, haven’t had any problems, I’m playing with a good succes rate (at least i believe so, lol)
Oh and also some people are used to doing ex-moves with LB on xbox pad atleast, so you have to get used to doing EX-moves with 2 buttons now (since supers are single motion and 3 buttons now)

If you aren’t sure, just rent it? Anyways, just my 2 cents. I play it with pad, great fun, don’t feel underwhelming at all. I definitely recommend the default buttong settings, as I, atleast have played like that since SF4.

I have a couple online buddies who play fighting games on 360 stock pads. they’ve mentioned that they have a hard time getting down back to register correctly on the analog stick and eat a lot of low attacks that they blocked. I know almost no one uses analog sticks for 2d fighting games so that’s pretty specific and maybe not useful, but thought it was worth mentioning anyway!

xbox pad=lol

i play pad but with ps3 controllers banned whats the best alternative that closest resembles the ps3 controller? i hate the fight pads

Even though its already been said, I have also had problems myself getting up-foward, or down-back on a 360 analog stick.

And I have read about a few other players having the same problem. If you get it for 360, use the controller with the updated D-pad, and its alright I guess.

The Xbox pad is fine for most fighters with the exception of this game. Diagonals don’t register on the analog stick without surgical precision, so good luck blocking low or jumping forward/backward.

I use a Madcatz Fightpad, and although Miststepping is hard, I don’t have too much trouble with it. The game is arguably harder on pad than SSFIV though as you can’t EX with shoulder buttons as well

Well I play with the Xbox 360 analog and that got a hit a bit harder in this game than SF4 and MVC3…the directional inputs feel a bit more strict but after a few days I’ve gotten used to it but I also gave the D-pad a try (which I don’t use) and it felt more lenient than the analog specifically for this game…so if you use the d-pad you’ll probably be very familiar and won’t require any real significant changes…the analog players might bitch for a while but eventually they’ll cope with it the same way they always have.

I play on the 360 pad using the analogue stick and I’m having a weird time getting QCFs consistenty. Sometimes if I do like ryu’s cr.mk hadoken I’ll just get cr.mk chained into s.hp and the inputs will just read down, forward. It seems completely random, never had this problem in any other games, this a bug or something?

Well, if you dont plan on using King (Lp+MK or Lk+Mp can be annoying if you use your thumb for the buttons) you should be fine. Mist step annoyed me enough that i stopped looking at Kazuya, but i guess you just need the right technique to make that work.

I’m a pad-awan. been one since SF:WW on snes. I have had zero problems playing this game on pad. Then again, I play on PS3 which has a proper pad.

As a long time pad player, the game is… relatively decent on pad. My biggest gripe are 1 motion supers. You may think really? how are double motion supers better than single motion supers? well, if you’re used to hitting l2/r2 for ex moves, well get used to pressing 2 punches and 2 kicks now since supers are single motion, you’ll get the super instead of the ex. other than that, everything is fine. maybe if the game was lenient on the pressing of two buttons on the ps3 pad compared to the arcade stick, it’d be a lot better. it sure is lenient on everything else…

Why are PS3 pads banned? Never heard this before.

Xbox pad is horrible, can’t explain how many matches I lost stupidly on AE 2012 when I had a 360 and couldn’t get my stick working, the wrong move would come out. Dual Shock is fine.

Erm, what?

I prefer single motion supers, actually. Double motion halfcircles always made me cringe.

Ok so its safe to play on PS3…Good

But what about the 4 button scheme how does that work?

This is my main issue right now, gettinig supers when I want ex moves

If ur on PS3 or PC - coming May 11th
One of the best pads for fighters:

As far as I know, aren’t DS3s only banned from evo (or at least they were last year) due to syncing issues? I don’t think they’re banned anywhere else.