Sf x tekken arcade pro line (cross)


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has feedback on this stick. I had 2 of the madcatz TE sticks but sadly they were ruined when rain caused my basement to flood. I just purchased one of these and I was wondering how they compare to the TE line.



Sorry to hear about the flooded basement.

I love the Fightstick Pro! I also own the madcatz TE round 1, round 2 and VS sticks and can definitely say that the Fightstick Pro is much better in my opinion.

It is much more comfortable since it doesn’t have the bezel and the angled palm rest is pure genius. It is a bit lighter and not as wide as the TE but not so much that it affects the performance. I actually prefer the lighter weight since it’s so much easier to travel with.

The cable compartment is not as roomy as the TE but I can live with it.

Overall it’s a great stick and I’m using it as primary now. I actually like it better than my VS stick which I thought I would never say.


Have round 1, round 2, and a VS stick. The pro is the lightest and most portable of them. The spacing is exactly like the VS, just a lot lighter! So if you’re the hunt for a new stick, I’d go the Pro over the TE!


The Pro is definitely lighter and smaller than the TE, but the angled palm rest is not for everyone.

As far as Fightsticks go, the V.S. is the best feeling in my opinion.


From my TE Rd 2, SFxT Pro, and V.S. sticks. The TE is a great stick! The Pro is also great but very aesthetic and has a very nice arm rest. The V.S. is comfy and is not as heavy as it looks (But it’s still pretty hefty) in addition, the V.S. does give me a lot of hand space making it feel more like the real arcade. Overall for tournaments I would take the Pro. Very portable and compact.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I had mine overnighted so I should have it tomorrow. My 47 inch HDTV was also destroyed :frowning: but ASUS monitor somehow survived the electronic bloodbath :slight_smile: