SF x Tekken fightpad pcb question


Hi, I was wanting to know if anyone knows about how to wire the LS dp rs points for a switch. I read someone say that it’s actually a on off on switch and dp is when it has no connection at all. But I multimetered on another one and when I have switch on dp mode I get continuity between ground and dp etc just wanting to see if I only need to solder 2 cables onto this instead of 3


I know you are talking about me.
And I know that you read this of mine.
And then will say that it does not match yours?


Haha yes indeed I did read that from you. I don’t mean to question your knowledge but my pads are completely different to how some of the pics of how to wire fightpads are. Eg ground is opposite sides to where they were shown on pics I got. I wasnt sure if that was to do with sf x tekken version being slightly different??


How your FightPad have different Ground and Signal placement?
The only that is opposite on SFxT FightPad is Left and Down, compared to other FightPad.

The switch thing.
Maybe for the SFxT, decided to make Pin 3 also Ground?
Wouldn’t change anything, because Pin 3 is not going to touch any.


Yeah ok I’ll try switch out. Pin 3 isn’t ground perhaps it does do nothing it still makes connection on the switch as if it does though

As for fightpad, my one has down, left and right different, left trigger is different and obviously start and back are completely moved


Are you testing continuity with the switch still there?
Because if so, Pin 2 and Pin 3 will totally show connect on DP.
Why? Because the metal bar in the switch is connecting Pin 2 and Pin 3.
If you remove the switch, you will see that Contact 2 is not connected to Contact 3 on PCB.


yeah your right, I did test it at first with switch in place and indeed it showed continuity. I was more just confirming that pin 3 was doing nothing (once switch is gone) so I can just get a On Off On switch as opposed to On On On.

Thanks for your help jdm714, you post alot with really helpful stuff!!