SF x Tekken issues. OK in training but can't do a thing online

I can go into training mode and get some combos. The difference between links and chains gets to me and I can’t do a link into a special at all unless I EX it.

I think I know how to play but I go online and I get lit up by seemingly nothing. I seem to block and I get hit, I attempt to hit with a light and they go through it. My specials don’t come out it seems and I just have overall trouble.

Any overall tips for this game that could help actually win matches? I usually play UMVC3 and am prtty good at that and I could play SSF4 AE but I just can’t get a win on this.

I’m playing Raven/King but thinking of switching out for someone different if this doesn’t get better.

tips and assistance would be nice. Thanks guys.

Raven does jab jab cr.mk xx wind cross. Or jab b.mk lk xx wind cross. Then you get a juggle afterwards but the good ones take practice. I’d suggest cr.lp cr.hp xx wind cross cancel, cl.hp xx lk alter ego. If you don’t know what a wind cross cancel is, go to the Raven forums.

Raven’s stand jab is amazing and you can get away with walking jab strings.

Links are just practice.

Online is awful, that’s why you’re getting lit up.

yeah, with the sound and it seems soooo laggy. I figured online had a part in it. with such a big game i’m surprised the netcode is so bad.

also, thanks for the assistance.

Chains are moves that naturally flow after each other in succession. Think LP,LP,LP,LP… Links involve timing to combo moves that do not naturally combo into each other (eg. Ryu’s MP>MP>HK). When your light attack is getting beat out, it means your opponents attack had more priority. What characters do you play?


I’m playing Raven/King but thinking of switching out for someone different if this doesn’t get better.

Unless you’re on a horrible connection, the online is very solid. Yeah the sound issues sucks but as far as the actual netplay itself goes, not bad at all.

I think you’re just not getting shit because you’re not used to landing your combos on another person. Try putting the dummy in training mode to hard or something and practice on that, should help out a bit.