Sf x tekken or sf4ae? whats being played more?


I know sfxt has a lot of bad reviews lol but its still a new big title and sf4 is old.
Which one should I get? How is sf4ae doing on xbl when talking about how many players?


Both have a good online playerbase. Just play whatever game you enjoy.


SF4 is likely to outlast SFxT in longevity of playerbase


SF4, it’s played more intentionally…and Japan take SF4 more seriously than SFXT.


play Divekick


I’m thinking sf4ae. Thanks guys.


Yeah. You’d be better off with SF4 AE, than SFxT.


No love for SFxT, lol.


Play neither and wait for Persona 4 Arena. :wgrin:


wait 4 Arena thank you


But P4A doesn’t have Junpei. I mean I am more than happy with Aki but I need my Junpei. ;_;

Also on-topic, you’re probably better off with SSFIV:AE for now. Don’t get me wrong, SFxT is a lot of fun, but it has so many issues at the moment that you’re probably better just waiting for them to get fixed and/or buy it when the price drops a bit more. And both of them are just as played as each other as far as I can tell.


I think the answer is obvious.
Its diabloIII of course.
Street fighter is going down hill man. :frowning:
They need to take another 10yr break. Know what I mean?

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All my buddies have completely dropped SFxT and went back to SSF4:AE.


SF4,IMO, that game is more basic, and worth more to play, trust me


Bitch please, I SOLD IT and went back to AE. Anyway SFxTK might have more players online that were lower level back in AE (not to say all the players are scrubs of course)
Watch out, potential argument starting opinion in this. Continuation of last sentence.


simply by the fact that SFxTK is so stupidly easy that 4th graders could probably beat a tourney goer in it. All you have to do is select 2 of these (Ryu, Ken, Raven, Rufus, Hugo, Rolento, Hwoarang, and as much as it pains me to say it, Juri).

So in a nutshell SFxTK could have more players because of how friendly it is to newcomers and people who are kinda bad at fighters. Where as AE could have more players due to most people flat out thinking it is a better game. If you want good competition go back to AE IMO :confused:


Play neither, go buy KOF13.


Between these two play SF4 AE


SFxT is inferior to AE, online or offline.


Or Skullgirls B)


Get the games for cheap, try them and make up your mind. Don’t listen to the blowhards here or anywhere else.