SF x Tekken or Tekken x SF?


It is somewhat early on to talk about this, but what a better time to discuss the two games since FINALLY Capcom and Namco are giving us crossovers! It’s awesome that they are giving us options, so this is the grounds for this thread. Would you prefer to play the crossover with the Tekken play style or the Street Fighter play style? For me, I think I would like the Tekken style more, simply because I think the Street Fighter play style would butcher the Tekken characters. I think some of the gameplay style (ex: hurricane kicks) from Street Fighter EX might get used in Namco’s version. Which do you all think you’d prefer?


this thread is gonna take us for a [media=youtube]lsfhADiaP5E"[/media] …


I’m interested in SFvT because if they port many characters from EX, III or Alpha we haven’t seen on IV, there’s a probability we may get another IV.


In before the lock.