SF x Tekken PC update?

Does anyone know when this will come out? Or i’m screwed with the pc version?

The only date given for a patch on any platform was June 14th, so we’ll likely be stuck waiting another nine days.

will that be the full patch that consoles have?

I believe it was either Sven or Seth that said they hoped the Rolento glitch didn’t make its way into the PC patch, which sort of implies we’ll be getting 1.04 at the least. No one can definitively say whether the PC is getting 1.05 or not, because Capcom never clarified it.


thx for the info

There’s a little more info out there. Last Friday Sven mentioned that updates were submitted to the GFWL team, and once those go through cert (which takes about a week) they’d then go through the different channels they need to go through to be distributed to users through Steam/GFWL (which should take a few days.) The eta was “a week and a couple days”, so unless something went wrong, according to Sven the patch should be going live any moment now (not holding my breath, though, because things can go wrong sometimes.)


But less patient.

PC is pretty much dead already, i play with same people all over again.
finding a match takes 10min+
if patch doesnt fix teleporting, its a nail in its coffin

I play almost every day, for as long as I can stand the lag/search durations. I think the game is really fun so that helps my motivation in trying to find people to play it.
Ideally I play endless matches but it’s hard to find endless lobbies even with the most lenient search settings, so I play ranked instead at the risk of losing BP due to lag shenanigans. You can find ranked matches in less than a minute throughout most of the day it seems, even though I can’t say they’re always under perfect circumstances. When I encounter people that are about the same skill level as my own and don’t lag very much I add them to friends so that I can invite them to a lobby later on.
The patch is coming, and that’s good, but it’s going to take some work to keep playing this game. Like, community building kind of work.

i have 10k bp, thats why i mention that i play with same people all over again.
most of ppl just kick and avoid me.
endless is just empty.
if you check leaderboards, 3000-15000 bp range consists of like 300 ppl. after a month post release thats just pathetic

That is pretty much to do with the fact that at least two thirds of the people who bought it just can’t be bothered putting up with how horrible it is to play online at the moment. I am certain that as soon as this patch is released and online becomes more stable, then people will come back. I myself love the game but avoid playing online for those reasons, and just waste my time in single player modes.

Of course, that is just a guess. If it doesn’t start to pick up once the patch is released then I will just try and make some friends who are on the same skill-level as me and just play endless lobbies. And failing that, I’ll just go back to playing some other shitty game.

I have encountered a few people with 12k and even 15k BP iirc. I myself have 3k and I mostly farmed that off of scrubs. Not intentionally-- I just can’t consistently find good lag-free players. Which leads me to wonder how anyone can find enough opponents to reach 10k+. And when I do encounter those 10k+ players I feel like there’s no way I could have gained the match-up experience by now to play them properly. I figure they formerly played on console or they just have great FG fundamentals (perhaps from sf4).

The only reason I put up with the current state of the game is because I am pretty eager to play. I can imagine there are plenty of people holding out for the (a?) patch.

you beat teleporters by spamming LMH-launcher (the only reliable source of damage in lags) and abusing cross-ups to death.

That’s at least for me the case. Only put a few hours in tutorial and trial mode after the release and wating since for a patch so I can finally start playing online. I actually went back to AE in this time. So yeah… most pc people are probably waiting.

Mhm, I wanted to wait as well, at first, but if there was but a single dude, that’d stop playing altogether because of how abysmal the online situation is right now, I’d feel partially responsible.

So I try to play from time to time (as much as my sanity allows me to). Also, SFxT is the only game so far that has Poison playable. I’m not about to miss the chance to have some fun with her online.

Y’all waiting for the fix, you better be there when it’s patched. =)

I play when I can but I’m primarily on 360. >_>

That said, I’ll try to get on more as well, likely on weekends before my sketch sessions.

i get u ppl, we all wait for the online fix, dont need balance, gimme lag free game, thats all for now … not that i would fix some balance issue :wink:
if u like, add me for endless game, i’m almost always online

i only use the PC version for training/portability, there really is no downside to the cracked version as GFWL seems to unplayable at the moment anyway, maybe if they fix the online component i’ll buy a copy, until then it’s not worth the money.

True, I find matches in ranked for hours - sometimes a minute or 2 btwn matches, but hey I have my PC right there anyway :stuck_out_tongue: - usually after 8 or 9 pm eastern time, and some are really strong high BP, others are leveling up and I can see them getting better each time I play, pretty cool watching people(myself included) develop into better players slowly.

Id be horribly pissed if the patch only ads DLC costumes and no online fix.