Sf x tekken store error? (PC)


i cant download even the free stuff from the store, does anyone have this problem?


Yup, I can’t download anything either<br>


It’s a GFWL issue, I think. -_-<br><br>


but i see some pc players have color and have bought characters, through steam it seems


<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Steam works properly afaik. GFWL will error when you try to install anything you download. It’s a known issue and is supposedly being worked on. </span></font><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>http://www.capcom-unity.com/ask_capcom/go/thread/view/7371/29763843/sfxt-pc-non-steam-purchased-dlc-characters-not-working-cant-install-colors-also-no-discount&pg=last&528878381</span></font><br></div>


DLC characters are now working on GFWL, FYI.