SF06 First Look



Features final versions of both standard covers (bootleg scan quality compared to the official ones at www.streetfightercomics.com) and what looks like the first four pages of the comic. Check it out if you can’t wait until Wednesday for the comic.

Btw, it’s really hard to make out the text, especially Akuma’s speech.


Man, Gouken is built like a tank!


I look forward to it, only a few more days! :slight_smile: & yeah Gouken is huge but to add to this Ryu is portrayed as very small due to the fact that he is a child. I’m not going to try to make out the text as I want it to remain secret for me until I get my copy.


I’m really liking the artwork on Cover A. Very nice style to it. Don’t really care for Cover B though. It just looks a little odd.