SF1 Group Art( Forgotten Fighters) WIP

Before I ink, add effects, and color it, I’d like to see if there’s any type of adjustment I make before I do.

Here is the WIP;


The Fighters are Retsu, Joe, Geki, Lee, and Mike, the “Forgotten Five” lol. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

Nice linework so far. I like Retsu’s face, and the foreshortening on Lee.

I would change a couple things:

  1. Tangents…
    retsu, joe and geki have lines that converge and make tangents with each other. retsu looks like he has a pacman ear because of this, and joe’s shoulder is ambiguous in terms of where it ends. geki’s far side of this face makes tangents with joe’s pec, and rib line. As a result it looks like either joe’s body or retsu’s shoulder is coming out of geki’s face. Keep the lines away from each other and it will read more effectively.

Lee also has a tangent with the page. his inner seam of his sleeve touches the bottom of the page. When you scan this, I’d advise you give the bottom of the page more breathing room.

  1. Asymmetry…
    There’s nothing wrong with a front face shot but in mike’s case, it feels awkward. IMO, it’s because everyone’s facial angles are dynamic while his is not. To warrant full on symmetry, I would arrange it so that mike much more centered in the whole piece. This would probably completely change your composition and I would advise that you simply change the angle that we see him from.

  2. I’m not sure if you already know what you’ll do in the area between geki’s arm and mike’s face, but if you haven’t figured it out, I’d highly advise you get it drawn in or figured out concretely. That could really screw you over while/after you’ve inked the piece.

Good work!

exactly what I needed! im going to test run a few different angles for mike, then tweak everything according to what was written since it makes sense lol