SF2 Akiba frame data english conversion


The akiba frame data page has been around for a while, but it’s all in Japanese. Drunken requested some help in reading it, so at first I produced some notes in the growing ST thread to help reading it. But I figured, it’d be kinda troublesome to have to keep going back between notes and the webpage.

So I took the webpage, and made the appropriate swaps. There’s plenty of useful stuff still to be translated, I still am unsure about what the blue/yellow numbers are, the little notes might be important (but some are just for AE), and all the little details which I missed are all there. But I got the basic stuff down, the character names, the move names, the versions of the game. It should be fairly easily readable now. Basically, I put together this thing with a dictionary, matching kanji with the CvS2 guidebook, and a whole lotta luck and staring.

Thanks to Drunken for getting me started on the whole thing, Buktooth for being an awesome mod and getting me in contact with Kim, Kim(ohayo1234) for being generous enough to donate the webspace to host the htm file, and NKI for contacting the akiba site admin and getting the go ahead to release this. All of the people here at SRK are really cool, so I’d like to try and give back something. And here it is. Enjoy.

Great job guy.

Very good stuff. Thank you very much for doing this.




Thanks for this but I think the only thing a non-japanese reader cannot understand is not yet translated. But it is a nice work.

I think yellow numbers represent frames you are invincible because your character is turned face to the background and blue numbers frames you are waiting after your feets touched the ground. But i am not sure.

Good job wraith :tup:

By the way, the updated version, plus much, much more can be found here: