SF2:CE kaillera Ranking Battle 2 (27/08/06)


The Tourmament is now over and i’d just like to thank everyone who turned up and played. I think a great time was had by all.

Here are the results
1 (SRK)
2 brian
3 r3ko
4 NoAffintiy
5 Vegabmw
5 nomrah
7 Voltes
7 Musashi
9 RushedDown
9 ZeroX12

You can find the bracket here

Good games guys and congrats to SRK for winning his second Ranking Battle. Can anyone beat this guy!?!

Also to everyone else who signed up but never showed, where the heck where you. I have these sign ups for a reason lets me prepare a fair bracket before we start, cause only half of you showed up, i had to remake the bracket. I try to make the brackets as fair as possible by reducing the the number of byes across the whole tournament as much as possible and it can be tricky sometimes and take a little while to do, which held up the tournament. From now on anyone who signs up but doesn’t show will be banned for 3 ranking battles.

I reworked the points system so everyone gets points who enter. The system works by, Number of entrants x 10 / by your final rank = your points. Example. 10 people enter and you come 4th, gets you 25 pts. All points are rounded up/down to the closest whole number.

Ladder after 2 ranking battles
1.SRK 190
2.r3ko 51
3.brian 50
4.Battosai 45
5.NoAffinitiy 38
6.RWD 30
7.Live 23
9.nomrah 20
9.Vega 20
10.FatherBrain 18
11.Musashi 14
12.Voltes 14
13.V040488V 13
15.RushedDown 11
15.ZeroX12 11
17.Magitek 10
17.WCJaguar 10

Be sure to sign up for the next ranking battle everyone?**

OK looks like people are having trouble with IRC. Also received a few pms asking for help.

Just to clarify IRC is nothing to do with Kaillera, and the irc channel we are meeting on is called #srkkaillera on efnet server on IRC. We are merely meeting on IRC so i can get everyone together and tell who your all playing an such.

Anyway heres a java applet for you to join the channel, the only thing you’ll need installed on your computer is java, which you’ll most likey already have. If it you don’t then i’d imagine it would auto download for you.

Click on the link below, then click on “#srkkaillera” which should be in bold. This will open up a new window which will connect you to the IRC channel. I’ll repost this on the 1st post incase you need to find this info quickly again.


As for the Kaillera servers we are playing on, i leave that up to you and your opponent, but i would think Godweapon and Anti3d would be the best ones to play our games on.

Its never too late to sign up. The more the merrier.

Since the CE tournament held tonight was so successful, 10 people showed up and everyone had alot of fun, I’ve decided to turn this into a monthly Ranbat.

You can see Ranking Battle 1 results here

The table so far

  1. SRK - 5pts
  2. Battosai - 4pts
  3. RWD - 3pts
  4. Live - 2pts
  5. r3ko - 1pts
  6. Fatherbrain - 1pts

Points system explained:
1st = 5points, 2nd = 4points, 3rd = 3points, 4th = 2points, 5th = 1point

You may be asking why so many places get points, well its to encourage you to enter, as the top3 will mostly be consistent every month, at least alot more ppl got a good chance of making 4-5th spots

Tournament Rules

-The tournament is Double elimation
-Each games is 3/5
-Game is run on mame32k0.64
-Rom is standard CE (world)
-Start time is 5pm East Coast Time
-Everyone shoud meet in the irc channcel srkkaillera on efnet server on irc at the latest 4.50pm East Coast Time, if they wish to participate.

Sign-ups are now open


  1. r3ko
  2. V040488V
  3. Kan Shoto
  4. Vega
  5. NoAffinity
  6. Battosai
  7. nomrah
  8. Dkknight
  9. merdoc
  10. DRADIX
  11. Ryumexicano
  12. Musashi
  13. Wsop
  14. Magitek
  15. (SRK)
  16. GSK
  17. BloodStein
  18. Decoy
  19. ZeroX
  20. Mouse
  21. brian


Sounds interisting. Ill join. Btw, could you point me to some ce threads? Having trouble finding them.

Count me in…

I want to play for sure so I’ll join the list and if I don’t have bowling I’ll show up to play.

Count me in.

V04, start a new one. Any that may have existed are probably buried…and might as well get a fresh one that this newfound interest in the game can be filtered into.

I’m in of course. And who ever loses to me shall recieve a free boot in yo ass.

Bump, updated the entrants.

count me in, missed the last one due to a family emergency.

I’m down if you guys are still having this. My fav SF of all time :slight_smile:

Put Me down.

I’m up for this.

Sounds good!! I didn’t know about this. Keep it up guys!! I"ll join the next one for sure. :arazz:


I’m in. I just hope I have that day off. =/

Just give this another bump. Entrants have been updated once again.

Just like to thank everyone who has signed up so far.

I need some practice so if any of you guys see me on kaillera, I go by the same name so just call me out.

Count me in. GGs.

Sign me up again.

So r3ko, I would like to earn some more points :slight_smile:
By the way, nice playing you last night.

Yea good games dude, i could myself improve alot.

Entrants updated

Sign me up.

I’m in the Uk, so my pings about 90ms - that ok?